Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To Tackle Negative Comments While Managing Community In Social Media

Hi Folks, do you work as an Online Community Manager? Do you often receive the negative remarks of some person whom you have not known in a long time? Well you do not have to be a community member to receive negative feedback / response or a comment. You could have subscribed to a site and there you have someone creating a high noise level. You may not know this person. The only connection between you and this person is the Page / Site that you both are on. While sometime the comments 'may' not be 'useful', other times certain comments are necessary to be heard and addressed to. 

When the comments are directly towards you at a personal level you may tend to re-act a little more strongly. When it is towards your business or brand then you at first step try to plan but yet could have a strong urge to re-act. 

There are couple of reasons why people react negatively. Before we re-act to negative comments we need to have a basic understanding towards the human mind set. 

People face different situations in their daily life and this they interpret with their own individual understanding and thus portray certain attitudes and traits and thereby a particular behavior takes place. Before we re-act we need to take a step back. We need to realize that each person comes with some background / situation / circumstances in life. Yes, this is very easily said than done. However we need to try and step back. Many a times a person voices negative remarks within the online space is because they feel maybe this way you will at-least adhere to what they are sharing and quickly work towards solution. Perhaps they have been given the feeling of not being heard otherwise. They could also be voicing - just so that they feel they are heard. For some it is a good ego boost.

There are a couple of ways in which one should re-act or rather let me say 'address' negative comments. 

Weigh the comments first: 
Re-read, try to listen to what the person has actually been driving towards, what is being referred to and mentioned, rather than what is being read by you. Read between the lines. There would be aggressive words and tone of voice however beneath this is the person trying to share with you that they are quite troubled and fed - up with a certain aspect / reason to comment. See if in the first place the comment is to be addressed. Try to move your anger and aggression out.  Is this person justified in what they have shared and voiced?

Do not make each response public:
Just because the person has made their comments publicly towards you or your brand or your business it does not mean and is not necessary to re-act in a same public manner. Sometimes connecting with this person on a one to one basis could be helpful. Yes one could feel that 'others may think i am a coward' and so on. Let us not be hampered by our own uncertainties, as there is already the commentator in a not so good state of mind. By going public we could unnecessarily make a situation ugly. Remember you are judged by what you do and not do. If the person is a regular aggressive commentator people will realize. You do not have to degrade yourself. 

Not to re-act:
Sometimes senseless rantings need to not be addressed at all. Yes you need not comment and start to get into a dialogue with each comment; while this is being said it should be very clear that you should be noticing, listening to each comment and would be having a logical reasoning as to why you do not re-act to certain comments at all. Silence speaks. It is just like the case of pen being mightier than the sword. Silence speaks a thousand words. So be very careful when you choose to silence yourself with respect to some comments. Definitely if it is a feedback please do not get into a silence mode. Yes if it is some comment that has just intercepted into an ongoing conversation in a aggressive manner then perhaps silence towards that comment could be justified.  

Accept the problem:
If the person is correct in what they have shared then you need to accept this case. However please do not make each bad remark into an apology. In the sense if some third person comes to that particular page they should not find a string of only apologies. I have seen this in cases of certain brands. You may go on Twitter and check that these are full of a sentence that goes as 'we are sorry to hear this, can you please send your email id or contact number so we can contact you'. While this is good customer service it may not be the right engagement in the online space. It so happens that wherever you scroll on this page this sentence seems to have been the template for all cases. The acceptance can be on a one to one basis as well. 

Be in-sync with your brand:
If the person whom you would be addressing is a online contact alone; who does not know you personally / professionally and whom you may also not know this persons only see and perceives you in the manner in which you react within the online space. Lets be clear that your personality is constantly being portrayed and comprehended by what actions you do and not do. It is critical that you have a planned brand personality within your system. How should you re-act should be driven by the brand personality. It is also essential that you have an escalation matrix within your system. And all concerned are aware of this. The reason being is that you finally need to deliver what you are mentioning online.

In Conclusion:
Be consistent with your brand image. Have a planned escalation matrix. Remember online material many a times cannot be deleted from the mind. Think before reacting. Consider and listen clearly. Move out the negatives wording see between the lines and listen in to what is being said, get an understanding of why it being said rather than concentrating on the how / the words being used.Please be empathetic. 

Do share in your parameters and caution points as well. Do join in here. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Measuring Your Customer In Social Media

We know how Direct Marketing and CRM [Customer Relationship Management] use the RFM model.

RFM = Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value.
  • Recency = How recent has the customer purchased
  • Frequency = How often did the purchase take place
  • Monetary= How much was the spend / purchase made of
Here you slice and dice the data. From this model you can decipher who are your active customer sets, who are passive and not reacting and those who have been active and have for some reason gone out of action. This and more can be done with the data. For instance you can figure out who are your high paying people. You can take business decision if you want to concentrate on the customers who are more value by monetary terms but may not be as frequent as the medium monetary value customers in a given period and so on.

In a RFM model there is lot of permutation and combination that could take place. For instance you can slice / segregate the Recency factor into:
  • Customers who have purchased in the last 90 days
  • Customers who have purchased between the last 91 and 120 days
  • Customers who have purchased between the last 121 days and 365 days
  • And so on
The depth of slicing your data depends on the category that you have. For instance an impulse or FMCG or a monthly product can have more depth while if your product is consumer durable which after purchase requires atleast 5 years for the customer to make the next purchase then naturally the recency parameter will not need to be sliced in depth.

RFM can have its deviations to suite your type of category. For instance if you have too many products, variants and sub-variants then you can add a P to the RFM which makes it RFMP. Need more deviation? You can change M to D. Wherein D = Duration.

To analyze the RFM:
You can do this with high end software or you can do this manually on excel sheet. However, your back end data collection is required to be strong. You need to have a method and a system in place, wherein the data gets populated when purchase is made. Only then you can do your analysis.

The above is just a glimpse and short synopsis of what RFM is and how you can put it to use.

Let's consider the Social Media Community that we have. Let's look at Facebook Business Page as an example. We have a list of people connected to our Page. You may need to physically put them onto your excel sheet, or build a software that patches this process. The main problem that you may have to overcome is the name of the person on Facebook needs to match the name of the person who is purchasing. People may have a different identity on Social Sites. You may have to connect with each and share with them the relevance of them giving their true name so that you can match the identity on Facebook and in real life. Usually people share as there is always a possibility of receiving a reward in this, they would be given something more due their good standing in the RFM scenario. Once you have this in place [it is an ongoing process] then you can have your regular analysis as shared above.

Over a period of time the measure can be made to understand the life time value of the customer in your system as well. You can look at it as CLV, LCV and LTV. For this you need your data to be over a couple of years to have any concrete understanding.
  • CLV / CLTV= Customer Lifetime Value
  • LCV = Lifetime Customer Value
  • LTV = Lifetime Value
  • CV = Customer Value
When you work on the RFM module knowing and measuring CLV should not be a problem. You know who is contributing towards your bottom line, you know if the person arrived via Social Media sites, you can measure you customer value on Social Media.

Once you know the customer value you can estimate and put a price to that customer as to how much you want to spend on the customer. To measure the customer on lifetime value you need to have the below parameters:
  • Churn Rate = This is the percentage of your customers who move / end their relationship with your company in a given period
  • Discount Rate = Herein you are to check on the capital cost that is put into a particular customer set
  • Retention Costs = This is amount of monies that your company spends on a particular customer set in a given period to enable retention
  • Period / Duration = This is the critical measure. The period of time that you designate to the above calculations. Minimum advisable would be 3years as your data would not be robust till then for you to derive concrete idea.
Ofcourse the above is a simple glimpse. There is work and longtime dedication if you want to work towards attaining the real value of your customer sets.

ROI = The most debated, questioned and doubted attribute in Social Media. Call it by any name you are referring to the bottom line.
  • ROR = Rate Of Return
  • ROI = Return On Investment
  • RP = Rate Of Profit
The measure arrives from understanding what you have invested and what you have benefited with [Taxes to be understood as well]. To explain further it is the monies gained / lost by calculating the net gain and the gross gain. ROI is calculated in percentage.

In Social Media let's look at Facebook:
You know what all creative you have done, viral videos, wall papers, any technology, Social Media person's monthly cost and so on. Break this into capital and variables. Then calculate based on the re-actions that you have pre-decided. The re-action could be purchase for instance.

Need not be ROI each time:
You may want to not look at ROI each time. Value of a Community person is in their interactions on your Brand / Business Page, their sharing with their network and so on. Not every-time you may want to calculate in terms of figures. In real life how would you calculate word of mouth? Well if you have a loyalty programme then don't you ask who referred you? Just the way we have member get member programmes you can have on the Social Site as well the member get member programmes and so on. Have mutual benefits: let the person who brings in the new customer also benefit and let the new person also gain.

How do we know if the customer has come via Social Media Site?
This is answered by the age old method of tracking. When you want to know if a direct mail has worked or nor don't we give a code in the mail that customer would carry to do their purchase and redeem it to avail discounts. Similarly your Social Media can share codes which can be brought to the purchase counter. It could be a QR Code, MCoupon, On Social Site coupon and so on.

Social Media is an amazing space. You can do mass broadcast and direct connect. The space is such that it enables both. You can do CRM as well. Your choice, your business and marketing and branding decision. 
Good to read:

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Plan Your Social Media

Social Media should be a part of your Marketing Plan. Social Media is not to be seen as an  isolated one - off case. You need to be sure on how exactly you will use the Social Media Platforms like Facebook and others. Just the way your Marketing Plan would have a set of tactical steps for action, your Social Media is to have an action plan as well. The most worrying situation is when Business houses set up the Facebook Page and then they do not keep the Page active. This leaves a bad impression for the Brand and Business. Add to this the Page is open for Spammers. 
Social Media Specialist: Working on Social Media requires expertise in many Marketing functions. For instance the person handling your Facebook Page is to be aware of the Brand Personality and how should the Brand Behave on the Social Media Platform. It is critical to understand the Brand Print and Personality. This will then be useful to know what kind of execution you will do on the Social Media Platform. The tone of voice is to be culled out from the Brand Personality. The person also needs to be sensitive to the pulse of the Consumer and other Stake-Holders. They need to understand how best Customer Care is rendered. They need to have the maturity on handling real time Comments.

Negative Comments Crises Management: While we all are certain and anxious that our Customers are happy with our products and services, we also know that there would be some issues which would end up being a deterrent to Customer Satisfaction efforts.  It is important that once you know the Brand Personality you have an agreed Crises Management written mandate. Crises in terms of unforeseen incident with your Business and Brand. Crises also means Negative Comments. The reason being that while you are in an open space of the internet there are Customers who can voice their opinion and suggestions. This not only comes to you but also goes to other Existing Customers and Future Customers as well. Any negative publicity needs to b e understood in a matured manner and not be responded due to anger. Practically all Brands see Negative Comments. It is a good idea to have Escalation Matrix. When you receive a query from your customer who is connected on your Page / Blog / Site what will you do if that query was not thought of previously. You need to have a person in the Company at your Client's side who can answer you almost 24/7. Your tackling of Negative Comments should be in line with your brand personality.

Monitor And Listening: It is important that you have a well constructed Monitoring System in place. This will keep you on top of the various Comments going out in the World Wide Web. It would be great if you have an alert system to send you an alert whenever your Business / Brand is mentions in the OnLine World. 

Pre-decide On Key Performance Indicators: KPI or Key Performance Indicators are important. Many a times when important personnel from the Brand / Business side are not clear on what happens in the Social Media atmosphere  It is sometimes the main cause of Social Media endeavors being left half way, people loosing interest, the steam goes out and the top management puts these efforts in the side line. Have your performance indicators well laid out. Let them be realistic and let them be such that they contribute towards the marketing and business goals. For instance having lots of followers and fans should not be a blind criteria, how much are they engaging and involving with your Page is important. 

On-Page SEO: It may not be essential to know technology in order to do SEO. Yes, there are specialists who can do off - page SEO which is done via programming, script writing, coding and in the edit HTML formats. However with limited knowledge of programming you need to be aware of where all you can work to ensure that the various search engines throw up your page when your target audience do their search.

Key-Word: One of the main reasons for your Page to come up ahead on Search Engines like Google.com is selecting the right KeyWords. This is critical. Before you post your first comment / information you need to decide and be sure of what are your Key-Words. This would emit from doing Key-Word research of your category, competitors and what your Brand is to personify and identify with. Add to this be realistic and think in terms of your target audience. What would they type in search engines is essential that you know. 

Page Philosophy: While you have your Brand Philosophy in tact you will also need to decide on what is your Page Differentiation and Philosophy. It is important that you pre-decide on the reason as to 'why should people join your Page'. Is it that they will receive exclusive offers, or a launch preview etc.

Consumer Mind-Set: You need to understand what your customer thinks about your category, brand, competitors, online as a medium and the particular Social Media Site that you plan to establish your brand / business in. For instance there are customers in certain part of the world who will not use Social Media to talk with certain categories where they feel it is best to meet the relationship officer. So you need to understand your customer's usage and attitude towards the Social Media Sites. Add to this there are various reasons as to why a person could have joined your Facebook Page for instance. The reason could be as  simple as they want a response to a specific problem with regards to your product / service. Since they may have not received a good and satisfying reply from your Costume Care persons they have joined your Page to ask you. 

Adaptability To Change As Per Feed-Back From The Measuring And Monitoring Tools: Rules and plans should be pre-decided, however they are not to be rigid. You need to change your plan of action if required. If feedback via your Monitoring Method throws up the fact that changes are required then do so. 

Competitor Study: You need to be aware on what others are doing. Both, Direct Competitor and Notional as well. Who is your competitor, what is their offline and online activity is all important to be well understood. And yes what are they doing on Social Media Sites is crucial for you to keep updated with constantly. Also keep in mind that your Posts will be one of the many Posts that come onto your Audiences Feed. So you are not only fighting with Competitors but also other Posts.

Understand The Social Media Site's Functionality and Its Perception As well: It is best to really know the functions of the Social Media Platforms that you take up. To use them optimally is the best way to get resul

Acquisition: It is necessary that you plan how and from where your target audience should flow into your Page. You need to have your Social Media URL on each and every communication - OnLine and OffLine.

Retention: How will you nurture and limit the attrition is also vital. This if done well then your existing Audience will become your Brand Ambassadors. 

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Friday, January 31, 2014

How To Spread Your Facebook Page URL And Twitter Handle - Social Media

Incase your Facebook Page and your Tweets from your Twitter is not being spread around or heard well, then, here are couple of spaces where you can add your Facebook Page URL and your Twitter Handle:
  • Insert on your EMail below your Signature
  • Put the Twitter Handle on your Facebook Page in the About Section
  • Put the Facebook URL on your Twitter Page in the Description Section
  • Sparingly mention your Handle and Facebook URL when you write your LinkedIn Credential Part
  • Incorporate the two on your Visiting Card 
  • Incorporate them on all your Offline and Online Communications like advertisements, Press Releases Etc
  • Place them in the most visible position on your WebSite and Blog
  • Place them as Signature on your SMS and when you send out EMails from your Cell Phones
  • It would be great if you can generate  a Q R  Code as well
  • Have them a
    s Signature in your Forums as well
  • Write a Blog Post for them mentioning what people will find if they join them
  • Request your existing Network to share and spread them


Your Turn, add to this List!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Makes Your Facebook Page Get Banned - Social Media

Do you work a lot on Facebook to sell your Brand / Business? This is well appreciated since this is strong platform to get into Community Engagement mode. Add to this most people seem to be on Facebook. What's more is that Search Engines do like Facebook.

Facebook has its own rules and guidelines on what you are allowed to do and what will get your Brand / Business Page banned. The rules are not too difficult to under
stand however they end up making you ask what then can you do. Banning of your Page can be a little troublesome for you, reason being that you may find it difficult to get your Page back.

There are Five audiences that can flag you and get you banned:
  • Facebook algorithms recognizing your footprints on Facebook as going against their rules
  • By Community Members of your Page
  • By your Personal Profile Page Network
  • By Other Pages where you join
  • By Members of the other Pages where you have joined
Below is what you should avoid and what you could do on your Facebook Brand / Business Page:
  • On and From your Brand / Business and Profile Page:
    • As much you may be tempted do not send out unnecessary and too many newsletters. This is a space where even if Facebook does not ban you - your Community Members will flag you and unsubscribe from your Page.
    • Posting too many marketing Links will get you flagged by Facebook. This is done so that Brand and Business Pages do not turn out to be a nuisance to people. Your Community Members have joined you for various reasons - 99% of the time they have not joined you to be bombarded with sales messages.
    • Posting too often the same Link will immediate tell the algorithms at Facebook that here is spammer. 
    • Sending out requests to join via 'Invite Friends' button leaves you very much in the hate list of your Network and Facebook as well. 
    • Copy and pasting the same information around.
    • Your Page for the Brand or Business should be created from your Personal Profile Page not from a pseudo name or corporate name. This Profile Page should be real and not fictitious. In other words you should be traced in the real world if required. Naturally this does not mean you give out too much Personal information that can cause crime. 
    • You can have multiple Pages for your different Brands and Business all of them should be from that one original real Personal Profile Page. 
    • You cannot have multiple Profile Pages. 
    • Do no go on making friends spree from your Personal Profile Page. 
    • Do not Post Copy-write matter. If you do the give the credit line. Do not claim it as your own in any manner whatsoever. This means that - your not claiming and not giving it a credit line either can be misunderstood as your matter / content is also wrong.
    • Your Brand and Business Page name should be real and not general qualifiers like for instance Pizzas. Your campaign name and/or regional or demographic qualifiers are acceptable
  • Using your Page as the 'Use Facebook as Page':
    • This is great function that Facebook has brought in. However use this wisely.
    • Posting your link all over gets you not only on the hit list of Facebook but also by other Pages and Community Members of other Pages.
    • Giving unnecessary comment and not adding value to the other Pages that you seem to be trampling on will make your own page get flagged. You will be recognized as spammer by the other Pages and their Community Members as well. 
    • Copy and Pasting the same information around all Pages that you have joined.
  • Running Promotions / Contests / Sweepstakes / Discounts / Offers etc on your Facebook Page:
    • Promotions that are leading people to take action on your or their Facebook Page calls for Facebook to cut you out. Examples are:
      • Click like and join us and get / win ....
      • Post a comment and get / win .... 
      • Tag the photos and get / win ....
      • Get members and get / win .....
      • Click like on this Post and get / win ....
      • Upload a photo on our Wall and get / win ....
      • The 100th Fan will get / win ....
      • Mention this Page on your Wall and get / win ....
      • Etc
    • Promotions should have a open disclosure that in no way Facebook is responsible for the same - its logic, deliverables, content and so on.
    • You cannot use any of the Facebook functionality as a voting mechanism
      • For instance like and vote your voice
    • You cannot notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook Messages, Chat, or Posts on Profiles (timelines) or Pages.
    • If you wish to interact / collect any information then you need to have an application for this. The application developed needs to comply to Facebook rules for applications and developers. This means that judging entries, notifying winners, collecting entries, conducting a competition etc all need an application.
    • You can randomly select a Community Member - this means that there was no contest or competition etc.
    • For third party applications you can get them ready made online or create your own. Both ways the application and the developer needs to comply with the general and special rules of Facebook. Special rules are made for developers to adhere to.
    • A simple way to go about is have your contest, competition or discounts and offers run on your Blog or Site. You are allowed to give the Link as a Post. Announce that this is in no way is endorsed, sponsored, administered or associated with or by Facebook. 
  • If you do collect information from users, the you need to take their consent, and make it very clear that it is you and not Facebook who is collecting their information, and post a privacy policy explaining what information you wish to collect and how you plan to use it.
  • Use applications wherein the developers have met with the Facebook terms and conditions meant for developers.
  • Any Third party advertisements on Pages are very strictly prohibited. Ads or commercial content on Pages must comply with Facebook Advertising Guideline.
  • And finally: Facebook has the right to amend / change the rules anytime. 
The rules are simple. Are they not? Still need more information?
Bottom line is that Facebook should not be involved directly or indirectly in whatever you do. It is your liability. Simply put if there is winner involved, if there is give away monetary non-monetary then you need to follow the rules tightly.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Make Your Facebook Posts Viral - Social Media

On Facebook we hope to bring the Brand closer to our customers. We know that the base of a good relationship with our Audience is by Posting Content that makes our Audience Like us and Interact with us. 

Step back!. Think. What is the Content to consist so that it triggers action from our Audiences?

In Psychology there are many reasons as to why people would Interact and Infact share your Content. There is a certain need to be met. This would be tangible and / or intangible. If you get the hook on this need then you have won almost 60% of the battle. Along with this need there is another factor to keep in mind. The answer to the this question  Why have people joined your Facebook Page. 

While a couple of ideas are shared below, it is important that you keep the Brand Personality and Brand Tone of Voice in Mind. For instance below there is mention of having humorous Posts. However if your Brand Personality is got to be serious no smile type then you need not go in for the humor idea.  

Here are a couple of interesting ideas that could be of help:
  • Offers work. Any discount, anything free works. The magic word 'Free' works. Buy one get one free also works. Provide offers that most / many can benefit from. 
  • Provide good advise. There is always someone who requires a quick solution. Tips are another great method. In practically all Industries there is a certain amount of information that can be given out in a couple of sentences. These are sometimes quick fixes and sometimes open secrets. Give out information that helps people in taking care. Let them know on what damage could take place and so on. 
  • Humor. This is always a great way to get people immediately connecting with your Post [Not your Page though]. Remember humor when done with care and responsibility is looked forward to. 
  • Inspiring quotes that relate to day to day life of your Audiences is a great way to have mutual connect.
  • Another good aspect is the did you know series. This is about facts and figures that would be useful / good to know.
  • A cause, flag bearer Posts also make people re-act.
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Should You Use Facebook Page Or Facebook Group - Social Media

Many a times am asked if the Business House should get onto Facebook Page or Facebook Group. Do you also face this dilemma? It is a very justified question. The reason being that after all time energy and lot of thinking would be utilized in Social Media. Using a wrong platform could mean the Business House will not be able to achieve its desired objective.

There is a simple way to understand what you should do. You need to understand what you are going to do. What is it that you want to achieve. Also you need to have a clear idea on how Groups and Pages function. What is feasible on them and what is not feasible. This then you should match with what exactly you are planning on Facebook.

Facebook Group can be used for varied purpose. For instance:
  • Family based Groups: When you put up photos and messages not all of your Facebook friends / list can be disturbed and interfered with. 
  • Close friends Groups: You will have your privacy and just have your gang / group of friends communicating without the world really interfering onto your team.
  • Colleagues team up on a task / project: If your work environment suggests that you have a team then enable the Groups to have updates and status reports come up on the Groups wall for all to view at same time; comments will be seen and interacted / acted upon as well.  
  • And so on, Facebook Groups have a reason to exists. 

Coming back to our question should you look at Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups? Pages have people from all walks of life connecting to you via a single Page. Now let’s assume [or maybe you have already experienced] a situation wherein your Facebook Pages has a broad value. Say for example if your Page philosophy / intent / purpose / reach is broad based and people who have joined your Page get very involved. You may now see that there is a reason to bifurcate into smaller groups. The reason being that certain people are addressing a particular issue. For this you need not create another Fan Page what you need now is to create small Facebook Groups.  

So in business you need to create Facebook Groups strategically. Such that while you have your main Facebook Page as umbrella, the various Facebook Groups could be created to address more in-depth conversations  / issues.  

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Your Search Engine Optimizer - Social Media

Social Media is very important in order to enhance and support Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. The reason being - as once a page of a site or a link is found by Social Media users, it can then go 'Viral' ; if Content is good. This starts pointing many links back to the website which in turn is seen as a sign of 'Popularity' to the search Genies [Algorithms]. Thereby giving a boost in Rankings to that particular site. Both the small and big business rely on the Social  Networking Strategies in order to promote the offers and share updates from the Business, meaning that the Social Media Marketing is made all that easier. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

What Not To Do On Facebook - Social Media

One of the main platform in Social Media is Facebook. Just the way we have do and donts for other medias, we have dos and donts for Facebook as well. For instance you would avoid more than 8 words on a hoarding. 

Social Media is a sensitive platform for your Brand and Business. The whole area of Marketing is based on trial and improvisation. Feedback and addressing issues is the core of Marketing effort. These could be in any form and via any vehicle like advertising wherein we deal with perception, direct marketing where we deal with one to one [we try to] and so on. In this huge sphere we have now Social Media as an additional feature. This though is no more new media and in no way should it still be a mystery to the marketing personnel.
Below are a couple of dont's while you work on your Facebook Page for your Brand / Business:
  • Buy Fans. This is amazing. You have a huge following suddenly. The cost is usually per Fan joining... The practice of buying Fans kills the very idea of Social Media. You are coming on-board because you believe in the amazing power of connecting with your Audience and putting in the required efforts. Many a times the Buy Fans practice leads to disaster. 
  • Post Irrelevant Content. Posting Content that has no meaning and use to your Audience is worse than not Posting. Just for the sake of Posting please do not bombard your Audience with matter that is not at all relevant to them. Your Audience will start to ignore you, and unsubscribe from your Page.
  • No Interaction with Audience. This is again against the basic principal of Social Media. You are on the platform of Social Media to Interact and Connect with your Audience. If they Communicate with you then you too need to Communicate. Ofcourse it depends on your Brand and Business Personality on how you may want to respond. 
  • Be A Spammer. Joining other Pages on Facebook and then giving Links of your Page is not a very good thing. You need to understand that not only the Page Owner but also other Audiences on that Page will look at your Post as Spam. It is essential that you know and understand that this way you may just about get a two to four people onto your Page. However the negative image and perception that you are building is larger than what you may think.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Facebook Embedded Posts - Social Media

​Embedded Posts are a way to put public posts - by a ​Facebook ​Page or a ​an Individual Profile Facebook Page - into the Content of your ​WebSite or ​WebPage.  The embedded post will show any media attached to it, as well as the number of likes, shares, and comments that the post has. 

Embedding posts will let people using your web site see the same rich information that is shown on Facebook.com, and they will enable people to follow or like ​Content​ and Pages directly from the embed.  

To embed a post, first check if the post is public by hovering over the audience selector (you'll see a globe icon). Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Meaning Of Facebook's 'Talking About This' - Social Media

This Post is an effort to demystify the term 'Talking About This' that you will see under the Cover Photo [the horizontal image space] on your Facebook Pages.

There has been a little confusion on the understanding of this aspect. 

Whenever a person does the below / takes one of these Actions, it counts toward People 'Talking About This'. 

  • Like a Page
  • Post on the Page Wall
  • Like a Post
  • Comment on a Post
  • Share a Post
  • Answer a Question
  • RSVP to a Page’s Event
  • Mention the Page in a Post
  • Tag the Page in a Photo
  • Check in at a Place
  • Share a Check-in Deal
  • Like a Check-in Deal
  • Write a Recommendation
  • Claim an Offer

It goes without saying that the above is required and holds true if 'Tagging' is done in correct method. 

Have you considered this? Have you actually taken note of this parameter and the numbers it reflects?

Consider this: If your number of Members on your Facebook Page is 1000 and 200 People are 'Talking About This' then you have a good 20% virality going on. However in reality this may not be the case. 20% is way too high. An average of 1% to 2% is good to go with. 

This number is visible to Administrator of the Pages and to Visitors as well. It is good to understand and know as to which Pages have good and relevant Content such that other Members on the Page are conversing about. It is a good deciding point if a person should join the Page. 

It is a valuable tool for Page Administrators to know how much of interaction is actually taking place. As the Page Administrator you can view the 'Talking About This' even in the 'Insights' section. Here you can see the individual Posts and their individuals counts for 'Talking About This'. 

Now your turn. Consider this: While you know how many are  'Talking About This' you also know How Many Are Not Talking !!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Facebook UpDates Its Terms Of Usage For Pages - Social Media

Facebook has recently incorporated a good amendment to its existing Terms of usage. This is a welcomed change!

Facebook goes on to mention that it has removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administered through Apps. This was the case so far. Now, promotions may be administered on Facebook Page 'Timelines' and in Apps on Facebook. 

Facebook shares for example that Businesses can now:
  • Collect the Member / Audience entries by having the users post on the Page or comment / like a Page Post.
  • Collect entries by having users being able to message the Page.
  • Get and utilize likes as a voting mechanism!
As before, however, Facebook goes on to state that the Businesses cannot administer Promotions on Personal Profile Timelines.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

How To Get Your Content Grow Organically In The UpDated Facebook EdgeRank - Social Media

The recent update of Facebook Algorithms shares that older stories / Posts will surface onto the News Feed. 

The question is what will make this take place. If simply put - be more Engaging. Get people to interact with your Posts. Elicit a call to action.

Popularity of your Posts:

  • Posts that have many Likes are considered up high on the Rank. 
  • Posts with lots of Comments are great as well. 

So easy and obvious!
The above two can be done by fake crowd as well! Here is the catch:

  • The algorithm picks up on how often your Network has been interaction with Similar Posts! 
  • The algorithm picks up how your Network's Friends have reacted to similar Posts.
  • The type of Posts that your Network has previously reacted.

Solution? Simple! Genuine Posts that mean a lot to your Network. Did we know this before!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Facebook Now Has 'Trending Topics' Being Shown In Its Graph Search - Social Media

Fantastic! Facebook now has 'Trending Topics' being shown in its Graph Search. What else is left out?

Facebook has unveiled the latest [most required] 'Trending Topics' feature. This is in its rolling out stage. Currently available everywhere in US. The language right now in the first phase is English. 

The efforts are in its experimental stage as yet. You as the Facebook user will be able to see the Trends even of people who do not feature as your friends.  You will be able to view both, public comments and posts. Irrespective whether or not the contributors are existing as 'Friends in your Network'. 

Well there is just one negative. Does this mean that your Posts seem to be exposed? Anyway once you write on Internet why would you think that what you write will remain private for life!

With this feature Facebook now has taken Twitter's most sought after functionality! 

What are your thought!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

EdgeRank Of Facebook Just Got UpDated - Social Media

There are Stories floating that EdgeRank of Facebook is withdrawn. This is incorrect. EdgeRank has not been withdrawn, it is just updated!

Facebook has just Announced: That now there will be an even better way to go about the News Feeds. A much better way to surface older stories onto your News Feed.

An update to the News Feed ranking Algorithm. This means that the Organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments.

This is good news. This means that if many people have Interacted with your Post then the same Post will surface on top of News Feeds. This goes to say that if your Network did not Scroll till right below then, still, your Post will come up on their News Feed.

For Brand / Business Facebook Page Admins, this means their most popular Organic Page Posts will have a much  higher chance of being shown to more people within the Page's NetWork, even if they're more than a few hours old!. 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

You Are What You Post - Social Media

Writing on on any Social Media is like engraving your thoughts in black and white. No matter what you do your writing can be retrieved. This indeed is good when you think of it as protection for the Human Society. However it is bad for those who may Post their Photos and Write things without giving it a second thought. 

It is like footprints on the path of time. It does not get erased in its true sense neither can you undo this in reality. 

You are constantly making people know you. You are constantly building your and your Brand / Business Image. 

Put your best foot forward. 

This in no way should make you paranoid though.

Handle with care not only when you Post but when you Comment, Reply, Tag and so on. 
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Trusted Contacts From Facebook - Social Media

What do you think you should do if one day you are unable to log-into your Facebook Account!!? Naturally you will try a lot. Then what? Ok, you may click on 'Forgotten your password?'. Via this mechanism you will receive the Re-Set Password Link in your EMail id. This could be the EMail id that you normally use to log-into Facebook / which you have registered with your Facebook Account.

Now, what if you are unable to get into your EMail Account since you may have not used this in a long time?

There is another way in which Facebook chooses to help. This is called 'Trusted Contacts'. This is a simple mechanism. This is added Security Feature from Facebook. 

'Trusted Contacts' are those chosen persons you can reach out to if you ever need help getting into your Facebook account. This is like a rescue system. For example: if you forget your Facebook password and can’t get into your email account to reset it.

If you like this system then this is what you should do:
  • Go to your Security Settings in your Facebook Account
  • Then click on the 'Trusted Contacts' section
  • Here you are to click Choose 'Trusted Contacts'
  • Choose 3 to 5 friends and confirm your choices

Not to worry: You can edit this list later.

Your turn, will you use this ?

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6 Points To Remember While You Use #HashTags On Your Facebook Page

#HashTags are the most recent additions on Facebook. However while using them you need to be careful. #HashTags unfortunately can be a too cluttering on your Audience’s eye. 

Below are 6 tips on how best you can use #HashTags:
  • Words: When you #HashTag a word it needs to be such that your Target Audience uses the same in search and would think on similar lines.
  • CapitalLetter: Use capital letter after #HashTag. This way it is easier on the eye to read. Ofcourse it does not mean that you use capital  letters when it is totally not require.
  • Clutter: Please do not clutter your entire Post with #HashTags. Soon your Audience will turn a blind eye to your Posts. 
  • Use Sparingly: It is not compulsory that you use #HashTags in each Post. Do maintain the warm Community Feeling for your Audience. Putting #HashTags could mean that you are more interested in having a crowd following your Page. This is since you want to be easier to search on Facebook. It is essential that your Community should be given a Privileged Feeling. 
  • Short: Keep your #HashTags simple and short.
  • Engage: Remember last but not the least, give a reason to your Audience to relate and use your #HashTags

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Four Parameters To Measure Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media is Measurable. You need to know what exactly your will measure. It is best that you decide this before your Social Media Campaign breaks out. The reason being is that only then you know where you are to go, thereby you can decide how best you will reach your Objectives. 

No matter what your Goal and objective is. You need to focus on your goal, how you will achieve it and after your finish your task you need to measure. 

So you could be crafting a Post for awareness, or tweeting to share an opinion or you could be creating a Product preference - you need to have the below Parameters to Measure in mind:

  • Share Of Voice: This is how many times you have been mentioned. This is not measured in isolation. It is viewed with Competition. So, how many times your Brand is mentioned as against your Competitors. Here while you look at quantity be certain to check on quality as well. Mention can be in positive and negative term. So you need to read and understand.
  • Reach: This is 'seeing'. How many people view your Post. 
  • Interaction: This is engagement. This is 'how' people engage with your Brand. This would be re-Tweeting, Share and so on. Comments and direct interaction is also counted here. 
  • Tracking: This is the time when you measure the above three in context with the call to action.

Dependent on your Objective you need to decide which of the above 4 are more important; though you will need to consider all 4.

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