Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Being a freelance writer

Being a freelance writer is not too difficult, but not too easy too!

There are broadly two types of freelance writers. One is the type who relies totally on their freelance work to pay their daily bills. The other is the type who looks at a freelance resource as extra money.

For both freelance work leads to:
  • Work whenever they wish
  • Choose the assignment they wish to work on

Both ways, this is not a method to get rich quick. It takes lots of thinking and writing firstly to develope a general skill for writing. Which normally is called a flair to write.

Writing can be for offline purpose and for online purpose. Ofcourse writing online is much easier in terms of logistics. Unlike offline writing there is no waiting for phone calls as such as mostly responses come back on the given email address.

There are various options for online and offline writing. But first you need to focus. What exactly are you going to write on. Is it a novel. What type of novel. Is it article. What category related. And so on. So first sit back and decide.

It is necessary to write where your passion leads you. As when tough times arrive it is only passion that can make you go on!