Saturday, September 1, 2007

Freelancer's treasure - article banks

An article bank is a site where you sumit your articles. For free. You place your short bio and your site [either website or bog] link. What is noticed is that people reading your article sometimes get very interested and click your link provided.

Which means to say that your article in the first place is to be interesting. Ususally the link you provide is allowed at the end of your entire writeup. This means that your article should hold your reader right till the end. Your work just does not stop here. You need to keep their interest to such an extent that even after they fisnist reading your article they have the desire to click your link.

Article bank provides a great space for visibility to freelance writers. It is a place where you can build your credibility. It also is a place which helps you to get traffic to your site.

Simply type 'article bank' in google space and see the plathora of sites that you can can submit to.