Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Get Paid Forums

One of the most buzzed methods of earning from the net is via the forums. There are certain forums that pay to post a comment.

Forums are great places to meet new persons with a valid set of conversation. They are places for good networking and thereby doing propaganda of your product, service, site or blog. It is most useful to tell people to click to your web site or your blog.

You can form credibility. Yes image is what you can develop over a period of time amongst your forum members. This is to be done with care. You must post for genuine reasons. Give right opinion. And understand that there are varied kind of members who will read your thoughts. You need to be open to receive comments in good spirit.

mylot.com is a forum site. It has a huge community that discusses anything. Here you get paid to post in this forum (via egold and paypal) and get paid to refer new members too.

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Happy earnings!