Saturday, September 1, 2007

Writing facts that a freelancer should know

For those who are newbees freelance writing could mean a little extra money. For some freelance may be their sole way to pay bills while for others it could mean a 'little extra'.

both should know and remember that freelance writing requires dedication. It is not just flowing with the topic it is also focus.

You need to understand what the contracts mean and are indicating.

You need to know that you are running a business. And, those people who pay you are business people. This means that their aim is to generate a maximum profit from your words. Part of that profit-motive is paying you as little as you will accept.

You need to have a passion. It this that keeps you going when you face deadlines and frustrations.

You should be aware and sure of what payment you are asking. Negotiation is part of the deal.

Keep the steam on!