Friday, October 5, 2007

Brain exercise

You need lots of skill to get your writing to a higher level. This is feasible. Yes very much possible.

The keyword here is exercise. So, how does one do this?

Just the way you need to do exercise to maintain and enhance your body, similarly, for the brain you need brain exercise.

What is brain exercise? Simply put it is a constant effort to keep your brain active and ‘in shape’. What this means is that the cells in the brain need to have a good interchange of fluids.

Writing requires the interaction of various parts of your brain. This interaction isn’t developed without practice, nor does the interaction stay constant unless you consistently practice.

The reason it works is because writing is a skill that you get better at with only by practice. And writing consistently to a certain level builds your writing muscles.

This takes place when you write an “article a day”. Just write an article a day, of around 400 to 800 words, every day for a week. At the end of the seven days you will be a better writer. You’ll write much more easily too. You will soon notice that you write better. The thoughts will flow with ease. What is interesting is that you will start to realise how you think and how to sort your thinking out to pen it. This is usually very helpful when facing deadlines. It prepares you to understand yourself and go about smoothly with your thoughts.

Not only does this give you good amount of material that you can sell, it also takes your writing skills to a new level.

How long should your articles be?

Aim for a reasonable length: around 600 to 800 words is good, but shorty articles of 250 to 500 words work too.

Happy writing!

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