Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getting a freelance writing job

It can be tough getting an online freelance writing job. You may have all the passion to start with writing infact you may be willing to research on any topic.

Online freelance writing is a very convenient income-generating option, for both professional and budding writers alike.

However the crust is to find a job.

There are few things that perhaps you could do to start off:

  • Be focused. Is it an article you want to write. Or is it stories. What exactly would you want to do.
  • Apply for membership to writers' forums and online clubs. This helps you to get familiar with issues and take help when you require. It enables you to be within a networking group.
  • A Google search of vital key words such as “online writing” “online freelance writing” and “writing jobs” usually leads to the most popular ones. This way you can visit the various sites that work a medium of contact for job seekers and parties that want a freelance writer.
  • Check out the job bank sites. Here you can post your resume and await a response.

A word of caution: On the Internet you will find genuine parties and lots of scams too. So when dealing with someone online be careful.