Thursday, September 6, 2007

Traffic Earner

Earning from your website or blog is feasible if you get traffic there. And just not any traffic but correct target traffic.

Once you get a good set of visitors to your site then it is necessary that they repeatedly visit you.

So we have two factors here. One is getting the traffic. The other is retaining them to visit again.

  • First and foremost part in any web site / blog is the content. If the content is not authentic and written interestingly then you will loose whatever traffic you may have gained. Content is a must. It a key facto in creating and maintaining 'healthy' traffic.
  • Next is freshness. There has to be new content practically every alternate day to be fed into your site. It is mandatory that you 'feed' your site.
  • Third part is to go on google and hunt for search engine submissions. Definitely submit to the biggies. Also submit to lesser known sites too.
Try doing these three steps regularly and see your counter ticking off!