Wednesday, September 19, 2007

CRM - Lead Management

Customer Relationship Management [CRM] is an essential process for marketers. You need to acquire new customers and maintain them. For this you need a sophisticated tool, which is not complicated and gives results that you and your sales force can run with. It does not matter in which industry you are from, consumer durables, service industry etc. all require managing leads.

One of the keys to getting the most out of any company is having seamless flow of information. If everyone knows what everyone else does you never have miscommunication, things never fall through the cracks, and procedural errors never happen. Data integration is the key to this.

In today’s competitive world it is important that time and cost efficiencies are well managed. It is crucial to not only have quantity leads but also well quality based leads. Lead management has become an important objective of any business. I came across a sophisticated tool of AIMpromote. It is a good choice for increasing sales and improving business intelligence.

It has a dashboard system. This works like a barometer. It shows in which direction the sales are going. This will immediately throw up alerts on neglected leads. So you can immediately do course correction when required. This CRM software is sophisticated and easily adaptable to most of the business types.

The system allows you to asses the value to each lead. Thus you can mark your priorities. What is interesting is that it helps in assigning leads. So based on the pre-defined logic the various leads are assigned. This eliminates human error to a very large extent.

The software is prepared keeping in mind that the export and import of data can place on excel file, CVS etc.

The AIMpromote software is such that it enables campaign optimisation. You will be able to track what piece of advertising and marketing material worked. Thus you can soon start to invest in only those campaigns, which bring results to your table. Thus you maintain a healthy return on investment [ROI].

This software enables you to send emails to your target set. It is most cost-effective way to turn leads into sales.

Unlike most other software companies AIMpromote has a quick customer service system. This you can see from testimonials given on their site.

And what’s more, you need not buy this software immediately. You can have a 14 day trial and then decide to buy only if you are satisfied. They provide free training, free setup, and free configuration. Whether you have 15 users, or 500, they are committed to making your success their priority. So go on and check out AIMpromote.

[This is a sponsored review]