Thursday, September 27, 2007

Forums to discuss and earn

I have just come on this wonderful site that is a paid forum. The web address is What this really means is that whenever you post your comment or request, replies etc they pay you!

As we know and understand Forums on the internet are places where one can discuss and get advice on various subject. Ofcourse the forum should have a focus on that topic or else people there will not be able to relate to what you are trying to say.

Here is a forum that you can avail of. There are subscribers who will give you free advice on where you can earn monies in the online space.

If you are a freelance writer then they will inform you on how to go about writing on sites that will give you recognition for your articles etc on the net.

What you will need to do is simply fill in the registration form of the site. You can have a permanent signature to your threads and posts so that people interested can click on your link immediately.

So go on click here: