Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pillows to suite your lifestyle

In our hectic life we really need to get relaxed and relive ourselves of much stress. A good resting Feather Pillow Form would do wonders to our physical state. And, what’s more I found a website that suggests a faster way to reinvent your living space then a good decorative pillow. Looking good is part of the puzzle – but the pillow form should be engineered to exceed your highest expectations.

They sell pillow forms to consumers, interior designers and anyone. Made in the states is a hard quality to find these days – offering a line of decorative pillow forms that are in fact made in the states - Cincinnati to be exact.

At DOWNLITE, they pillowforms in many different sizes, shapes, and with several different fills. Select the pillow shape at the right that you are looking for to see what we have available.

Feather Pillow Insert is definitely a good keep at home for design purpose and relaxation purpose. Nothing beats a good pillow form, nothing is more annoying then a feather quill poking against the fabric or worse poking through. DOWNLITE offers an exclusive feature to their decorative pillow form inserts called SoftPlus®. SoftPlus® is a special two layer fabric system that does three things:
- Offers a softer hand
- Offers more down and feather leaking resistance
- Looks whiter and cleaner – regardless of the fill

Pillowforms By Shape:

Pillowforms by Fill:

DOWNLITE offers their exclusive SoftPlus two layer fabric system to reduce poking, feel softer and look whiter [important for delicate or thin outer fabrics]. You can shop pillow inserts by shape, fill or size. Prices include free shipping to the United States. For bulk orders, questions or ‘unusual’ requests contact them @ 513-229-6397.

As always, if you don't see something, just contact them: Learn All About The Fills