Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tips to make money online...

  • Get Organized -
    Setup a dedicated e-mail account for your Get Paid programs; one large enough to hold a few days of e-mails without filling up. Watch out for harsh filters that may stop e-mails from arriving. Owners usually delete you if your e-mail box bounces. Yahoo is useful and popular but not all programs will except it.
  • It is essential to take screen shots of your earnings, as proof in case the owner loses the database. To take a screen shot: open MS Word (or other word processor) then hit the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard, then paste the contents. Save this document in a safe place (where you can find it).
  • Create a folder in your browser favorites, for your Get Paid programs. This makes it easy to log on and check the above statistics.
  • Use Roboform, to save time entering the same old details, and to save your user ID and passwords. Note: The latest version limits you to 30 free passcards, but the earlier, simpler version is unlimited.
  • Join payment programs to receive your payments. Egold and Paypal.
  • Read The E-mails -
    obvious, but needs to done. Don't wait too long - some e-mails will expire quickly. If you don't read, you won't earn cash/points. Some program owners will delete you if you do not read e-mail for more than a week. That is why they invented holiday settings. Be aware of "English-checkers" - special links that may cause your account to be deleted. So many people try to cheat that owners have been forced to put extra links in to make sure the text is being read.
  • Also read the non-paid e-mails. It supports the advertisers, and without them, there is no income. Non-paid e-mails usually reward you with points that you can use for your own advertising. And basically, do unto others as you would be done by...... you'd want people to read your non-
    paid e-mails, wouldn't you?
  • Visit the Site -
    Taking advantage of your ‘Favourites' button, visit the sites daily if you can, to check for updates, and mainly, to click on the Paid to Click section. This can speed up your earnings incredibly.

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