Friday, March 7, 2008

Your blog your money - earn it!

These days many across the world are relying on Internet. Whenever anyone wants to find out about products and services the simple and easiest research takes place on the Internet. For those who are newbees and have heard of earning from the net can sound 'wow' 'can I do this?'. At first it sounds exciting. You do want to believe it ofcourse. After all it is what sounds easy, fast and 'reachable' sounds great!

It is necessary to have a web presence - in a positive manner.

Lets see basics of making your blog a success

Good content – this is a must, a pre-requisite

Continuous good content – this is a must, a pre-requisite

First of all, Blog Rush is clearly a part of a traffic generation strategy. To know what is Blog Rush see on Your right hand side – scroll down. Yes, this very page that you are reading. You will see that there is this little block called blogrush. Yes this is Blog Rush. This is how it looks. And this is what it does too.

But you have to gain people’s attention FIRST.

To get someone’s attention with Blog Rush, the primary thing you need to do is write COMPELLING 7 WORD HEADLINES (or approximately no more than 40 characters including spaces). This guarantee’s your whole headline will be syndicated in Blog Rush’s widget without getting cut-off. Several common mistakes I’ve seen already is people who are:

  • Writing LONG headlines which get cut-off before you can understand the topic of the post.
  • Crafting headlines, which only make sense if you’ve read the post before you’ve read the headline.
  • Not taking the time to create interesting headlines that people care about.

To write a good “I’VE GOTTA READ THAT” Blog Rush headline, you must follow these simple rules:

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t use “slash” multi word variations of the same thing like “authority/expert”. This is not only confusing to read, but it also takes up valuable character space.
  2. Appeal to everyone’s ADD. People are clicking on Blog Rush story links because they are goofing off and want to be distracted. So play to that and write things that sound juicy and entertaining.
  3. Never forget that everyone cares about himself or herself. Try and make all your headlines relevant to the readers self interest. People who want to be distracted can then rationalize that they are REALLY learning something if they click on a link which is supposedly work related.
  4. Don’t lie in your Blog Rush headline. People will not only hit the “back” button faster then greased lightning if your story doesn’t deliver on what the headline promised, but they will be FAR LESS LIKELY to click on your future headlines.

Ok, so once you’ve gotten some traffic from Blog Rush, you want to turn that traffic into leads. That is, people who keep reading your blog and eventually buy something from you.

Sadly this is much harder than it sounds. As most people who are successful with social “stimulus” media will attest, many people who read your story are Social Media Stimulation Sluts who will be off to get their next hit before you can get the words “RSS Button” out of your mouth.

So, we must play to the readers stimulus seeking nature to keep them on our own blogs.

To do this, we need two things:

  1. The “Related Posts” Plugin, and
  2. Other Post “Crack” stories.

To understand this better see on top of this page. This very page that you are reading. Do you see video clippings? Yes people like to watch videos more than mere readings most of the time. This ensures and little break and your visitor on page will ‘hang’ around more.

If you follow the same formula I just gave you on how to write Blog Rush headlines, to write your Blog Headlines, you’ll be going in the write [right] direction.

- Then, just keep going at it until you get traction.

Also, in closing here are some other mistake’s to avoid:

  1. Don’t put the Blog Rush widget above your own site’s navigation
  2. Get rid of those RIDICULOUS social media links at the bottom of every post. The only people who have the power to get any of your posts ranking well in Social Media Networks don’t need the little buttons to do it. If they think you’re worthy, they’ll submit regardless. And those 2 Diggs you got could have been other actions which resulted in a MUCH BIGGER payoff. It’s a waste of blog real estate to have those buttons.

Check out the site ratings that you will find on this very page on your right hand side. This reflects the visitors it enables you to know how much more marketing you are to do. So that you get more visitors.

Search from the vast ‘ARCHIVE’ section just here on your right hand side of this page: here to know what you want to read. Read what benefits you. Have a good life.