Thursday, April 24, 2008

What are myfreeshares

After you join MyFreeShares ( for free ), you will get 1 share. You will be able to earn more shares by referring other people to our service ( 1 share per referral + 1 Share per Dollar they spend on advertising on our page ), or you can earn shares with clicking links and for joining Free and paid offers or with purchase advertising on our site.

We earn money by selling banner impressions, website ads and e-mail ads. All earnings are divided by total number of shares members have. That is how we get COMMISSION PER SHARE value.
e.g. if we earn $5 in 24 hours, and there are 1000 shares ( in total ), commission per share will be $5 / 1000 = $0.005.
So, if you have 200 shares, your commission ( that day ) will be
$0.005 x 200 = $1.0.

Minimum payout is $10. Payout options are Paypal, Alertpay , E-gold and MyFreeShares Debet Card. Money you earn will be sent to you on your request, maximum 10 days after requested.

Earn 1 share per Active referral
Earn 1 Share per $1 your referrals Spend on their Advertise page!
Earn 1 Share per $1 Sold advertising on your Advertise Page by Non Members!