Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Blog and earn money - blog advertising

blog advertising. Yes now is the time to put your blog upfront and earn money from your very own blog! I have come across this website. It is called: snapbomb

The blog enables us bloggers like you and me to earn from our blogs. For instance this blog that am posting my information. You simply need to register here and create your own personal account. Once you do this you will get on your personal dashboard a list of advertisers with proper description. These are advertiser who want to create buzz about their products, services and or their sites. In marketing terms this is know as blog marketing.

It is not difficult to now earn from your blog. Yes what is essential is that the posts you write should be correct, true and of good quality. And what’s more you get sufficient time to write your post. So that you can ensure good quality.

snapbomb brings together advertisers and bloggers. I joined very recently and have got a couple of advertisers interested in my blog to write posts for them.

This is a good site for advertisers too who want to create buzz for the products, services and or the websites that they have. snapbomb improves your sites positioning in the Search Engines, sign up as an Advertiser to get articles published by Bloggers.

So go on, whether you are a blogger or an advertiser click here: snapbomb.

In case the above link does not work then copy paste this into your web browser and check out the site - http://www.snapbomb.com