Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Now you have a REAL Culinary School Finder

So if you want to know about chef school or culinary schools or which culinary school you should enroll in then here is the site!

Your online source for cooking schools and culinary arts programs.

I have found this amazing culinary school website that will enable you to actually judge for yourself which is the best culinary school you should go and pass out from. Learn about the Le Cordon Bleu program and find out how you can earn a degree in culinary arts, pastry and baking, hospitality, or restaurant management. What’s more you will get advice on what to expect in culinary school and how to get a culinary internship.

Culinary School Finder has compiled a short list of cooking academies and hospitality schools in cities of great culinary importance and recognition. Our culinary guide is broken up into the major cities across the country for your convenience in finding a culinary program near you.

If you've been swept up by the recent culinary craze and are looking to earn your degree in the industry, then you've come to the right place. Search by state, city, school, or career to find the culinary program that best suits you. You'll quickly gain the culinary training you need and be on your way to running your own kitchen, managing your own hotel, creating the perfect pastry, or any other culinary career that you choose.

The search on this website enables you to find out by way of:

Browse All Culinary and Hospitality Programs

Locate Culinary Programs in Your State

Culinary Schools by Theme

Culinary Schools by Theme

Search by Careers

So go on Just click on any of the school links below to find your new career today! Request free degree information.

What more do you need. A place that will be fair, non judgmental and non biased! Additionally a place where you can look up to Featured Culinary Articles, Featured Culinary Articles, Cooking Schools by City and Locate Culinary Programs in Your State

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