Sunday, May 4, 2008

Making AdSense work better

1. According to research the best format for an adsense ad is 336x280. This is because this particular format recieves the highest high click through rate. Pretty much everyone is trained to spot 468x60 banners these days and that's one of the reason banner advertising has such a poor conversion rate!

2. You should use blue coloured links on a white background, reason being they're the default colours in html and the most common colours for links on the web. What this means is, the majority of your visitors will be trained to click these links.

3. Always make sure your adverts are "above the fold", this means they can be seen without having to scroll down.

4. Make sure you have a site with lots of content and not a MFA (made for adsense). Google will ban your adsense account if you do.

5. Make sure you block competitor websites and websites that are MFA. Made for adsense websites typically pay pennies per click.

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