Monday, May 5, 2008

Success In Internet Marketing

Success In Internet Marketing is achieved to a large degree by the
clarity and effectiveness of your goals. Clearly defined goals will
help you chart out your action plan and take you to where you want
to go. A good mentor, accountability partners, a clear focus and a
massive action plan are the key Success ingredients you need to add
to the mix.

1. Identify Your WHY. To become successful in network marketing, you
need to find your deep felt reason for starting your network
marketing business - your WHY. When things get tough it will be
your strong WHY that carries you through to network marketing

2. Establish a Dream List. As part of your network marketing goal
setting process you need to establish a dream list. What are the
goals that excite you? This list should be specific and clear and
you should post pictures of your dreams around your house.

3. Document Your Goals. Only 3% of the population document their
goals and that 3% generate over 90% of the Network Marketing
income. Get your goals onto paper and and review them on a daily
basis, this will help focus your efforts and move you ever closer
to your Network Marketing dreams.

4. Break Your Goals Down. When you have your goal documented imagine
the day you achieve it and start to work backwards through the
steps you need to take to achieve it. Document these steps until
they get back to today as this is going to be your action plan to
Network Marketing success.

5. Get Multiple Accountability Partners. We all need help to achieve
our goals and one of the most important aids are accountability
partners. Pick people who will keep you on your toes and challenge
you to achieve and make sure you review your network marketing
goals with them regularly.

6. Review Your Goals. Review your goals daily once at night and
again in the morning. You want to train your subconscious mind to
understand the steps you need to be doing on a consistent basis to
achieve your dreams and desires.

7. Repeat The Process. Goal setting should be a continual process
not a once a year process. As part of your review look for ways to
stretch yourself and apply more challenging targets and bigger

These steps take a little time to put in place but should not take
too long. Establish an effective daily method of operation and
ensure that all your actions are taking you closer to your dreams
and goals. If you are busy working on things that are not going to
help you achieve your goals then review why you are doing them.
Constantly steer your efforts towards your goals and success is
just around the corner.

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