Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Work at Home on Ebay: How to Earn Money at Home

With over 1000 people earn over $1 million dollars in a one year, eBay has established it self as a legitimate business venture for work at home opportunists. Setting up your own eBay store is not complicated but in order to reach the staggering numbers that most work at home on eBay sellers want, you will want to consider the following.

Offer something unique

1. Firstly, you will need to find something you can offer the public. eBay gives users the opportunity to sell physical and digital items as well as a service. For instance you could sell golf clubs, an ebook on how to improve your golf swing, or a service such as golf

One thing to keep in mind is eBay is a very competitive market place, because there are so many people offering the same stuff. To avoid getting lost in the crowd, avoid jumping on the bandwagon. Offering something unique will help you earn more.

However, having some competition is a good thing. This reassures you that there is in fact a market for it. There is no point selling something no one is buying. Consider what you’re good at, or are interested in, make a list and then check to make sure it has an audience.

Out service your competition

2. As mentioned before, competition is immense on eBay. Thus in order to have a successful work at home eBay business, you need to keep up with your competition. Find out what they’re selling and at what price.

A good tip is go beyond price and product and look at the customer service they provide. With every business, the customer must receive a satisfying shopping experience. ebay is no different. In many instances, it’s not the product that makes the work at home on eBay seller a success but the service they provide. If they have great reviews, find out what they are doing.

Don’t price yourself out of the market

3. With your product or service ready to go, you’re going to want to find the “right price” for your offer. Everyone starts bidding low on eBay and then the price is driven up. As a work at home eBay business owner you want to price your items carefully.

If you price it too high you are wasting your time. But pricing too low means you’re leaving money on the table. Do some basic market research to see what the minimum bid for the item should be. The right price also includes shipping fees.

Most folks will pass up an item not because of the item price but because of the shipping fees. If your quoted shipping fee is higher than your competitors you will lose money. To avoid this, seasoned sellers raise the initial price of the item and offer competitive shipping fees.

Provide a good picture

4. Always provide a good picture. Virtually every sellers tip for eBay is to provide a picture because people may forget the description but they always remember the picture. However, just having a picture is not good enough. A bad picture can be worse than not having a picture at all. If you don’t already have one, invest in a good digital camera. Also, be sure that the photo is taken in good light and is taken from multiple sides and angles
to convey your item’s appearance.

Use good copywriting techniques

5. Keep in mind that while a picture will increase sales, a picture alone will not sell your item. A good description is key to selling on eBay. Try, however, not to use too much text
when writing. Work at home sellers know that good copy writing is essential and as a copy writing rule–quality out does quantity.

Get a paypal account

6. In order to sell on eBay, you need to have a PayPal account to process your sales. Setting up an account is easy and their fees are very reasonable. Another bonus is that PayPal comes in very handy if you are a work at home seller. You can chose to set up your website and put PayPal on there or use it to buy resources to further improve your work at home eBay business.

eBay has many work at home sellers, because it provides people with a convenient way to earn an online income. It’s not difficult to get started and if you use the tips provided in this article you too can be among some of the higher earners on your work at home on eBay business.