Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The web articles directory – for submission and use of their articles!

This is one place on the net that really has good content. This premium site is an educational resource and article submission service. They provide you with good quality, comprehensive articles and tutorials which are designed for information purpose.

They cater to a vast array of categories and topics. Whether it is Microsoft Office , MAC related articles or Customer service information.

The amazing benefits of this site are:

  • Web articles directory is a SEO friendly portal and all URLs are easily crawled and indexed by the search engines.
  • If you submit articles to the directory, you increase your website traffic and link popularity.
  • Your article submission is analysed by one of their representatives and if it meets the quality guidelines (no dead links, original content, no errors), it is added in the directory.
  • Article submission to the directory is absolutely free. [as they believe that knowledge must be free].
  • You may submit as many articles as you want as long as they are not already published on the Internet.

The site has professionals who have worked out an entire indexing and easy listing so that you find it easy to navigate. They have articles that provide knowledge. In case you are seeking for a tutorial even that is easy to find by keywords, all you have to do is a quick search in their directory. You can search by alphabetical order too. Just use the search option available. The website search is powered by web-articles. Or, if you want to read for instance a specific Microsoft office tutorial, just point to it. The newest articles and tutorials are shown first in the list.

Look at their vast array:

  • Arts and entertainment

Movies and TV; Music; Photography;

  • Business

Strategic planning; Advertising; Direct marketing; Customer services; Business development; Marketing strategy;

  • Computers and technology

Windows Vista; Javascript; AJAX; Networks; Linux; HTML XHTML and CSS; Software security; Microsoft office; PC performance; MAC; Windows XP; VPN; Firewalls; Servers; Linux Commands; Ethernet; Storage Devices; PC components; Windows registry; Programming;

  • Education and reference

The Universe; Mythology;

  • Electronics and communication


  • Health

Heathy work; Weight loss; HIV and AIDS; DNA; Human body;

  • Home and family

Home business; Home improvement;

  • Internet and online

Internet advertising; Discussion boards; Blogs; Search engines; Auctions; Web services; Forums; Online security; Online payments; Spam block; Web design tips; Internet marketing; Ecommerce;

  • Legal and finance

Mortgages; Loans; Investing; Stocks and mutual funds; Market and Finances;

  • Self improvement

Leadership; Goals;

  • Travel and leisure
Rentals and vacation;