Monday, April 14, 2008

How to earn money from the net

Since a long time am observing people wanting directions on how to earn from the net. There are avid hunters of sites and there are those that really are lost and don’t know where and how to begin with.

Well let me show you here one of the many ways in which you can actually earn. Lets start with step one.

Step 1

Open a PayPal account. It is easy to open at the bank website. PayPal is one of the banks that is well accepted on the net and has good method of security.

Step 2

The next step is creating a blog. You can visit any of the free spaces on the net where you can commence your own blog. For instance is a good space. Remember to give this lot of time and thought. You need to create a blog on a particular topic. This topic should be such that your can write imaginatively and originality is to be maintained. Don’t think of short cut methods of copy pasting from elsewhere. This is definitely not at all healthy. Have a practice to have a completely new post. Understand that the post is to benefit people who would come to your blog. It cannot be something of your own personal diary that others will not relate to and which will be of no use to others. You need to update and keep doing this for years to come. So be clear on what you would like to write on and be clear on what kind of people are going to visit your blog. For more on writing check this out: Freelance Writing. This should be a able to give you an idea on writing, Opportunity, Earning and Money. Search from the vast ‘ARCHIVE’ section just below here to know what you want to read. Read what benefits you. Have a good life.

Step 3

Now you are to start making your blog earn you a little money. There are no overnight rich schemes – one needs have lots of luck to find one that is genuine really. Yes what perhaps at this stage you may need is a little bit of luck. For this you could always go through this: Feng Shui & Astrology. This is about Feng Shui and Astrology. Money, Earnings, Opportunities, Health, Wealth and Relationships.

Step 4

Join sites that are genuine. That really enable you to earn. That requires absolutely no money investment from you – ever. Yes on the net there are sites that help you to earn money without asking you to invest a single penny. So go on and you will find. Search in google pages. I personally had to go through hundreds of sites to find good ones that really pay and you have to not invest anything. On this page you will find a post titled 'Earn by registering on these sites' which you will find on top. When you go through this post you will find that there are 9 sites recommended to join. Start to register it takes 5 minutes of time and read the complete post. The sites that are very easy to earn from are numbers 1, 5, 6 and 8 are the easiest to really earn from. The other sites, which are site no. 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9, are also easy to earn from provided you are willing to do a little hard work on the Internet.

Step 5

After you register with these sites. You need to copy paste your referral link onto your blog – remember we talked about making your blog earn for you. You will also need to talk about these links and get your friends and loved ones to join on them. That is it. Do this daily over the years. How much time daily. Initial months would be two hours later on it would be just an and half.

Step 6

After you register with these sites. You will be provided by work from these sites. It would take 2 to 3 hours in the initial months. Later on as you get used to it and know what is to be done and expected then you can simply make it faster. It depends on you and your skills.

All the best making money!

Step 7!!

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