Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Consumers have different goals and expectations while on the go

Mobile consumers are generally either looking for ways to save time or ways to kill time. Because a mobile phone is such a personal device, consumers’ mindsets are completely different on the mobile Web than they are on the wired Web. While consumers accessing the wired Web at home or in their office often browse for extended periods of time, on mobile they tend to seek snack-size information or entertainment content such as:
Breaking news headlines•
Weather updates•
Sports scores•
Image galleries•
Television and movie schedules•
Database references•
Short-form video content•
Interestingly, it appears that for several content categories, such as dining, entertainment and sports scores, the mobile Web is becoming the preferred channel to access this information, as opposed to the wired Web. Consumers tend to access the mobile Web with a more task-oriented mindset; they expect the mobile Web to accommodate their on-the-go lifestyle. Examples of these tasks include researching and buying an airline, train or concert ticket and using navigation applications to get directions to a specific business or other destination. Consumers also want mobile-friendly ways to send and receive email, access bank and credit card accounts, and share information via social networks.