Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet in India

The Indian advertising market is currently at the nascent stage. It will take some more years
before this market reaches maturity. Till then, wider reach and penetration of traditional
media would continue to make television and print as the basic media in most advertising
campaigns. The maximum amount of the advertising budget will be taken away by these
media while Internet advertising would continue to thrive as an offshoot. Advertisers with
bigger budgets will continue to spend more on this media. Others will follow soon as this
medium matures. BFSI and ITES would be the major spenders on this medium while the
others will follow the suit. Further with convergence between media on the rise, the
distinction between online and offline media is expected to blur. All advertisers would be
forced to adopt this new media in order to exist and to stay relevant.
As broadband penetration increase in the Indian homes, Internet permeates into the
hinterlands of the country; web publishing companies would develop more content on the
Internet. With the growing possibilities of rich media we expect that more and more creative
content would flood the online space. This would make online advertising more relevant,
more creative, more informative and above all in tune with the customers. .
In conclusion, we believe that we are at the threshold of this change. The result of all the
trends outlined in the report foretells that great and exciting things are yet to happen in the
online advertising space. Till then we could wait and watch for the Indian advertising industry
to start off its journey into the cyberspace.