Friday, April 3, 2009

Email and Mobile - what blasts better?

The recent understanding goes that email blasts are obsolete - when you compare this with mobile SMS.

Naturally mobile is more on the move. It goes wherever one takes it. BUT how much can you feed into the mobile? How much colourful can you make it? How much easy on the eye can you really bring it?

And then does email really work inspite of it rating above than mobile on certain parameters.

The truth is that the possibilities of what mobile can offer are only growing, and rapidly. The channel offers direct marketing at its best: reach to a mass or targeted audience virtually anywhere, a remarkably high "open-rate," and the ability to drive specific, instant action. It is unfiltered. It is intimate. It is relevant. And it is quite understandable why marketers who so often turn to email are uncomfortable. Instead of shunning it and living in denial, a better approach is to add mobile as a weapon to your consumer interaction arsenal, and make both avenues collectively stronger.

Mobile and email: Complementary, not competitive.
Mobile offers what marketers have long wanted: direct access to the consumer any time. It acts a strong ally to the email channel, which will continue to be a primary digital communication mechanism, with a richer interaction. Combining the two paths can give a brand a cohesive strategy that naturally deepens awareness, drives stronger engagement, and in the process, delivers increased value to the consumer.

What say?

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