Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meta Tags

It's very simple - if you don't optimize your web pages, the search engines will have a difficult time figuring out your content focus and you can forget about increased website traffic.

These are the things you build into your web pages so that the search engines find your site and rank it favorably. You should also know that there are many dozens of off-page criteria that the search engines (SE's) look at as well - but that's a topic for another article.

How does an SE know that a page has relevance to a particular search term? They use one or more of the following on-page criteria.

1. File Name
2. Page Title
3. META Keyword Tag
4. META Description Tag
5. H1 Headline
6. Keyword Density
7. Links
8. Image Alt tag

While various search engines rank the importance of the above criteria differently, you should be consistent in applying all of them to your pages for increased website traffic.