Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are you a Shopaholic?

Do you often wonder who would be a typical Shopaholic? What is it that drives them? And why are they so stuck onto it? Well, for few of us the bug would be within us as well!

You Know You're a Shopaholic When You or lets put it midly shall we we say others.....
• See shopping as a hobby, activity, and sport.
• Spend every last penny in your coin purse, go over your overdraft and max out all your credit cards. Well almost do.
• Buy something just for the free gift.
• Make up excuses so you feel less guilty buying your 8th pair of blue jeans.
• Do not feel satisfied unless you're carrying 2 bags in each hand.
• Have items in your closet that you dont remember purchasing and have been out of date for quite a while.
• Secretly like and can't avoid perfumes.
The uses of being a Shopaholic!
• You have something to do for hours during the purchasing time – you can look around past time and no compulsion / obligation to buy – most of the time
• You have something to tell the next day!
• You have grabbed the right offer and discount at the right time
• Stress buster
Well there is use to most of the evil

Happy shopping!