Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Social Networking Sites

Online networking and online social bookmarking are more popular now than ever. But its hard to know which social network is right for you if you haven't tried all of them. This is why many Internet users find social network reviews valuable.

When reading the reviews, however, you may find vastly different judgments about their content. Many folks fight for their choice of online social networking sites vehemently. That may be due, however, to being unaware of all the available options, so they invested all their time without further investigation. Some people defend their choice without even knowing the differences Online social networks , like LibraryThing have book reviews and other features created just for people who love to read.

Many social media users arent aware of the difference between one form of social networking and another because there is a tremendous amount of cross-over in the platforms. Sites such as MySpace can be used just for fun or for serious business networking, or both! And there are literally tens of thousands of Ning sites, such as bookmarket.ning , which specialize in narrow niches. These type of [online social networking] sites are significant because theyre completely user-driven and allow focused conversations surrounding peoples interests. Interests can be as specific as book aficionados, who now have many online communities geared just to them. social networking is social bookmarking, which has become very popular. Sites that feature social bookmarking, such as Mister Wong, allow logged-in users to save their online bookmarks for free. Social bookmarking sites also are a great help to Web searchers, because keyword tags that allow for easy searching can be assigned to each bookmark. Keyword tagging also makes social bookmarking sites of great interest to online marketers, because they know they will lead to backlinks for their sites. One social bookmark doesnt really mean anything in terms of backlinks but when you add them all together, they become influential in search engine rankings. Also, like with Digg, if a blog post is entered on one of these sites, it can often achieve high search engine rankings if the keywords were researched and the listing was entered correctly.

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