Sunday, August 8, 2010

Social Media - I am where You are

Are they stalking you? Are they haunting you? Many a times we will see certain people joining every place where their customer sets are.  It is really the case of 'I am where You are'.

Joining spaces where your customers are is not a very bad idea. However then intruding into their every activities [comments, posts] starts to be a discomfort.

What normally takes place is that the customer has given general information since their favorite brand asked: So the customer informs that they are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other places. Well the over enthusiasts follows them and at the slightest chance starts to broadcast their sales messages. 

Lets be careful when we start to track and communicate with our customer sets [who are ideally known as members of community  / fan] when we are online.

Soon, the so far, the 'favorite' brand is then the 'dreaded fugitive' online.

The key here is to understand who is the customer and what is the site like. There are certain sites that may not fit your brand personality. Thus being there and creating a buzz could be harmful. It is as good as reaching customers at the wrong time in a wrong way. This could be irritating and could mean a lot of negative spread about you.

All sites may not cater and may not lend themselves to all types of brand personality influence. Add to this it may be the case where the customer may not be in the correct frame of mind to react positively towards the brand announcements.

Thus we do need to be clear on who is the target audience, what is their attitude and behavior on various sites, what is the brand personality and what si competitor doing. Once we have a good written frame work of this information then we could start our jorney online.

What is your opinion? How does your experience span across with the very enthusiasts as being the community manager.

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