Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Content Curation For Social Media Integrity

While working on Social Media it is important to maintain integrity and ethics. Blatant copy pasting someone else's hard work is just not correct. It could mar your professional credibility. You could loose out on potential clients and start to give out an image of yourself as not being genuine. This could lead people to perceive you as not knowing much about the field you are working in. Having said this, to each time get ideas to populate your blog could be difficult. In-between your hectic schedule  how do you each time get matter for content?

In order to have a good ranking on search engines it is imperative to be consistent with fresh content on your blog. This in turn would bring good and positive quality traffic. Good content takes up your time and energy.

How do you manage to consistently produce quality work? Ofcourse blatant copy pasting does not justify the existence of your blog. Here is where content curation comes to your rescue.

Content curation is about appreciating and synthesizing work of others. Allow me to repeat myself: it is not about copy pasting someone's hard work;  It is reviewing and filtering it is all about synthesizing.

Have you come across any such content curation? ReTweet is a form of content curation. Content curation is a skill and art. It is not stealing. It is understanding and then putting forth your opinion and your own understanding.

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