Friday, September 10, 2010

Manage Your Social Media Better - Distribute Your Blog To Twitter, Facebook And More

Managing your important communication on the Social Media could be tedious at times. It is important that you have a system wherein you can organize your communication. There are couple of tools available online that enable you to communicate with your various communities. For instance when you post a blog you need not manually start to copy and paste the same matter across your other sites. A simple tool like does this task very efficiently. To the extent that this site even shortens long urls so that they fit in well with the posts and even leave space for Retweet in Twitter. 

This site enable you to simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buzz, Ping and a couple of others as well.

This service constantly scans the various sites and informs if there is any API and such other problem.

Add to this you can also utilize its scheduling services. Herein you simply have to put date and time on when and which site should your posts be delivered. 

Have you tried ? What is your experience with this site. Do share in your feedback. What similar platform do you use?

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