Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Media - How Much Of Media To Consume?

Do we often wonder on how many sites are we to register and how much of information are we to read through on daily basis? Social Media and information can be overwhelming at times; rather many a times.

You would be receiving invites to join into Social Sites, forwards emails and links to various sites where there would be information that people thought would interest you. Add to this you would be receiving comments and posts notification from Social Media sites that you have already registered onto.  What do you do with so much of information overload?

Well we need to plan and be focused. Do share on how do you go about segregating information and deciding on what is to be followed. There is always a reason why you are on a particular site. Keep that as your focus continuously. Whether you are joining sites for personal reasons or for business and marketing objective keep this as focus.

There are a couple of parameters that you may want to keep in mind so that you can 'filter' the information and their respective sites as well.

Site registration not an obligation - an informed decision:
First and fore mostly we need to be clear that we need not register on each site that comes our way.

Similarity in functionality - find the difference - does the difference make sense:
We may have received an invite to join a site but it does not mean that we are to go ahead and actually join this. We need to check out if the site has similarity in function with some other site that we are already registered on. This way you start to make a choice and decision by the theory of elimination. There is no purpose in being registered and joining multiple sites which all would have the same functionality. What you need to do is check out the site. See what is the different offering in the site. And then, think if this different offering makes sense to you. Do you really require this new functionality? Is your existing Social Media site not having this functionality?

Don't spread yourself thinly:
Joining multiple site makes you spread out a lot however one cannot really go deep and interact with people on daily basis across too many sites.  So, you need to plan and understand what is convenient to you and at the same time what brings you closer to your desired objective. Spreading out thinly makes you a very superficial person who touches the contacts at a very 'touch and go' level. What is more worry-some is that you start to give out same messages across. This does not promote you to an 'engagement' level. It is crucial that you are 'connecting and building a positive rapport with your contacts'.

Join and couple of sites but keep intensity in very few:
You could join in a couple of sites, say around 6 to 7?- not too many though; not each that comes your way or that you may come upon. From within the 6 to 7 sites that you have joined over a period of time you will start to realize that that only couple of these make real sense to you and wherein your interaction levels are high. Once you realize this focus only on the very few.

Attend to your selected sites daily:
It is crucial that you nurture your contacts on almost a daily level. And within a  day a couple of times. This creates a rapport this creates what is known as 'meaningful' interactions and thereby a deeper and more focused engagement levels. It is important that we understand - what we do or do not do online is what makes our personality on the internet space. The perceptions of people starts to develop from here. There would be people you may not know at all or who may be your acquaintances. They all start to develop a perception of who you are dependent on how you behave online. This is useful for your personal growth and business growth as well.

Online is a life:
Online world is an actual world. We need to understand that we are dealing with actual people. And that they too have emotions hence you need to be expressing yourself clearly. This is one space where people do  spend a lot of time these days and you do need to be emphatic towards them. 

Move away from what is not useful:
If after joining a site you realize that this is not fitting into your scheme of things and is not helping you go nearer towards your objective then you need to move away from those sites.

How do you go about deciding on what sites to follow and which ones do you turn away from? What are your parameters? Do join in here and share your perspective.