Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do They Really Like When They Click Like? - Social Media

Hello Folks, it is good to have a space on the internet being clicked and rated. It gets better when our brand is rated positively and liked. It gets many to conclude that your brand is really being followed and liked.

Lets just take a step back. Merely being followed and liked does not always necessarily mean that our brand is really 'wanted' and that we are actually reaching brand loyalty. The reason being that sometimes the only way to connect is to click the 'like / fan / follow / recommend' buttons. So does this really mean that we are closing the gap between the brand and customer mind and are we reaching closer towards the much 'preferred brand' criteria?

Have we checked on what is the activity on our brand Social Media Page after we are connected? Is it that the person is upset and has joined us to express this? Hoping that if the complain is put forth in an open environment then perhaps it will be attended to with urgency!

What am trying to drive across here is that just the number of people on board is not the main criteria. Their sentiment and 'nature of involvement' is what should drive the matrix and calculation of whether we are anyway close to brand loyalty or not. 

It is essential that we create different segments and clusters from who we have on our Social Media pages. There would be different type of people.

For instance we may have the 'dead group'. They have connected and never responded / commented / posted / shared / re-Tweeted etc.

We may have an active group that has 'obsessive compulsive spamming activities'. These are the dear ones that could only copy paste their advertisement and hope that all persons reading it would jump onto their URL that they have shared. While no doubt they are creating negative impact for their brand they definitely are hindrance to the ongoing conversation.

Have we come across the 'Devil's Advocate'? Yes these are personalities that make it a point to show us the other view point that we have missed or may have thought not so important.

The 'joining all recommendations'. These are the sensitive and obliging people. They would join practically all pages which their friends have recommended to them. 

There are further clusters / segments which we would all look forward to: those that interact with the brand on the page, those that enable engagement in positive and healthy manner. That which subsequently translates into conversion and business.

A point to be kept in mind is that not all engagement leads to conversion and business. So within those who are great participants we need to further check on their purchase recency, frequency and monetary value. However the active ones are to be respected and taken seriously. They are the reason why we could be in news and come up good on search engine rankings. They are precious to us on our pages. They probably will convert as we would be in their consideration set in their mind.

And, ofcourse we have the RFM [recency, frequency, monetary] cluster / segments who necessarily are important and crucial to us.

What do you think? What is your experience?

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