Saturday, October 30, 2010

Does 'Like' On Facebook Lead To Purchase? - Social Media

Many a times am asked by brand managers that, if a person clicks 'like' on Facebook Fan / Business Pages then does it mean that the person will buy also? Before we start to answer this lets as first step try to understand what exactly is 'like' and why people click 'like'.

What is 'like' and why people click 'like':
  • 'Like' is so far the only way to get an entry onto the brand / company / business Page. So basically it is a 'connector'. Had the 'like' word been anything else as connect, contact, join, same amount would have joined! What do you think!?
  • Just because the site has called the connector as 'Fan' and keeping this as the only connection button / click it does not mean that people clicking are Fans by the true definition of Fan.
  • It is universal truth that people like discounts and freebies - this is since the time currency came into society and barter system was out. Maximum people join Facebook Pages to receive these.
  • People also join to get inside information,to receive updates, to be the first to know, to be seen and to show that they support a brand / cause, for fun and entertainment and so on.
  • There are certain segments who find it convenient to complain, give feedback etc also.
  • There are those who join because it is recommended to them by someone.
  • And, yes there are those who would like to interact and share.
Coming back to the question does 'like' on Facebook lead to purchases - not really. However the good part is that it works extremely  well as influence and getting into consideration mindset. And this over period of time leads towards preferring the brand / business / company.

Now your turn: according to you would clicking a 'like' button take us to definite purchase? What is your take?

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