Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Do Welcome Tab On Facebook - Social Media

Hi! When your customer comes to your Facebook Business / Fan Pages what is it they see first? Naturally a welcome note. However is this having any kind of synergy with your brand? Is there any kind of similarity between your site / blog and your Facebook Pages. Do your customer set feel that they have navigated to your 'same brand'? or is there a feeling of miss match?

Social Media requires consistency and synergy in Brand Identity:
It is essential to maintain brand identity throughout all touch points. For this Facebook has provided a handy tool call FBML. You could try page making from this. However is working on FBML slightly confusing and difficult? I have recently come across a site that enables you to have a great welcome page for your Facebook Business / Fan Pages. It is simple and easy to prepare. You can check its output at: click on the 'Welcome' Tab and experience this.

For your Social Media endeavor to get a step ahead you do need to have good and relevant tabs on Facebook as well.

What do you need to have a brand tab on your Facebook Business / Fan Pages:
Pagemodo's site enables you to have the facility in free. What's more you need not have any graphic skills. The site is amazingly user friendly you need not know programming nor FBML. Easily you can embed photos and videos. You can also have a link to your site or blog. You can type your text and upload your images that you want to. You can select from a good variety of page layout as well dependent on what you want to portray. You have options to select a complete colour range as well. Pagemodo's automatic page maker for Facebook works well for people who want to have great welcome pages for their customer sets. This means that you can actually have a brand continuity on Facebook as well.

Pagemodo's page builder enables you to design and customize your own Facebook Pages in minutes—and you don't need any technical or design skills.

Do join in here. Share in which other such page / tab makers you rely on.

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