Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How To Write A Blog For Better Engagement In Social Media!

Blog writing is a very important area in Social Media. You need to have a good schedule of writing blogs and have a good list of topics that you may want to cover. The most realistic way of writing blogs would be to concentrate on what is relevant to your reader. Once you have understood and know what is relevant your  reader you then need to have a focus on what is feasible from your end. Reason being that whatever focus you take up you will need to be consistent with your posts on your blog. For this you will need to select topics that you would be passionate about so that in critical and busy times also you can dedicate yourself towards blog writing.

So how do we write blogs?

  • Omit all unnecessary words
  • Aim at keeping your posts at about 250 words
  • Include complete thoughts in headlines
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short
  • Never lose your sense of humor
  • Write like it counts
  • White space is your friend
  • Use the simplest possible word and sentence structure
  • Read your post out loud and make sure you don't get stuck on complex construction
  • Use bullet points whenever you can
  • Use subheads every few paragraphs, even in a 300 word post
  • Use bold text and italics for emphasis on words and phrases
  • Make sure your posts are easy to scan
  • Choose your voice and keep it consistent
  • Don't be afraid to voice opinions.
What is your take? Please add more parameters to this.

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