Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How To Chat On Twitter - Social Media

Chatting on Twitter is a little cumbersome for most.  On your own Twitter account when you chat you have to scroll through other Tweets. So basically you do stand a chance to missing out a Tweet or loosing interest. Do you usually face this situation? There is another way out - which is via direct messages onto the Twitter account itself. None of these would actually give the feel of a chat taking place specifically if we have a group of persons participating onto this.

Twitter chats enable you to increase your social influence and network with like minded persons. It is very helpful to business specially small business units.

There are special schedules / timing on the internet when people start / enter the conversations. People with similar interests hop onto these spaces and converse. The conversation are guided. The chats are given
hashtag # this same hashtag is used to pull the conversations out on Twitter search for instance.

Anyone can participate. The rules are mentioned for certain chats so you may want to be well prepared before joining the chats. You need to be aware of rules and you need to be aware on the topic. No spamming allowed.

You will find the chat schedule at: http://goo.gl/CLqIt

Have you hopped onto this chat? What is your experience. Do share...

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