Sunday, November 28, 2010

Myths That Entrepreneurs Need To Understand - Social Media

Many a times there are pre-conceived notions about how should a business unit attract customers on the net. Below am sharing some common traps and myths that new online entrepreneurs fall into on the Internet.
  • Build it, and they will come: This is one of the biggest fallacy that you will notice on the Internet. A common misconception that if you put up a Web page, you do not have to do anything else. It is incorrect to believe that merely having your own site is enough to keep the traffic coming and that your product will sell on its own. In order to have a popular site, you've got to offer something of value, that the visitor finds relevant. Add to this your content is to be fresh. Your customer may end up coming to your site once, but to keep them coming back you've got to have fresh original content and product offerings that they can use and find relevant.
  • Give it for free and they will come: Sometimes the business units have a wrong understanding that if they incorporate a freebie onto the site - then this is it - there is nothing else to be done. No doubt psychological research has shown time and again that the word 'free' is an amazing word across. However imagine if your visitor comes more than once and sees the same freebie and same content. Why should he / she come more frequently?
  • Get rich quick on the Internet: Well by now almost all persons surfing the net, know and understand that this is not working. Infact the very word 'dot-com' failed because they held the false belief that having a flashy web site is enough to solicit people financing and buying into your amazing scheme to make money. By giving out affiliate programmes, and business opportunities you are only making people go away.
  • Send emails to an "opt-in" list to people who are 'anxious' to receive your product offerings: The word "opt-in" list is a very abused term on the Internet. You will find lists being openly sold. You will send out to this list your product information, what you are heading towards is a negative image of your brand / business.
  • Have a Page on sites like Facebook and have lots of followers: This is a trend, it is assumed that more the followers more will be the product / business sales taking place. However there is absolutely no requirement to have a huge people subscribing to your page and having no interaction with your page.
What's your take? Do join in here and share your experience.

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