Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Social media marketing in India

With the penetration of broadband in India, various Indian companies have started exploring ways of marketing their products online. The market for e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace, according to NASSCOM. Companies have realized this and hence Internet marketing now forms a significant part of a company’s annual marketing budget. However, most Indian companies till recently were taking the search engine ppc marketing route to market their products online. Only recently have they realized a more effective and cheaper online marketing technique – social media marketing.

Social media marketing involves, marketing a firms products through social media sites such as offering product sampling to a target group, buying reviews from leading blogs and review sites and so on. The delay in companies taking up the social media marketing route to effectively market their products was because of a lack of a quality and reputed intermediary which would be a one stop shop for all social media marketing needs of a company. But with the emergence of companies like IZEA which specialize in blog marketing, all this has changed for the better. No wonder more and more Indian companies have now started breaking the traditional boundaries of marketing and are trying out new and non conventional online marketing and advertising models.