Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Social Media activity to hunt and get hunted?

Many a times a speak with people i get a shocking response the Social Media can be handled just by anyone. Well if this was the case then why are we all not connected to more than atlest 10 brands as customers. In our lives we would be utilizing atleast 10 brands during a week's time. Howcome we are not Socially dialoguing with these 10 brands.

What does all the effort boil down to in the world of Social Media Network Online. Well to put it more simply it is got to do with 'connecting' and 'being connected with'. We all need to connect, be it individuals or brands. Social Media is got to do with building relationships. It is a dialogue between two parties to enable mutual benefit. Repeat: 'mutual benefit'. It cannot really be 'sales driven'. It cannot be conduced to 'being hunted' and 'hunting'. If we start to use the traditional 'push' force then we have lost half the battle. It requires an almost 24/7 dedication. Hence it will not work out if you delegate this to someone who is merely doing their 'job of being online'.

The person managing the Online Social Media needs to be passionate and outgoing. Needs to be crisp at the same time verbose and articulate. Needs to understand the sites, competition and the brand personality as well.

Social Media activity is definitely not for the faint at heart and nor is for the hunter.