Sunday, June 27, 2010

Social Media Merging Of The Minds

Many a times am asked as to what does a Social Media person 'really' do. Well does this person do blogging? Write on Facebook? Generally keeps on Twitting? Or uploads photos of products to be sold? So generally when you want to broadcast a message you start to login to all the social network sites and start to give out messages? And so you tell people to buy something and push this till doom's day? That means you give out same old message in new way? Do you have a list of sites that you generally send this message out to? Do you send this as anonymous messages? And do you keep apologizing to an angry customer!?

Well lets for a start step a little back and see the whole picture in its totality. Well it is none of the above in the way it is mentioned and yet i could be all of the above with a lot of tweaking. Well what according to you is the role of Online Social Media Network professional?

Join in here and share your views. Be a guest writer if you want on my blog.