Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Could Google Wave Be One Of The Many Social Media Networking Sites

These days there are numerous Social Media sites taking place on the internet. All the Social Media sites are receiving good amount of logins. Ofcourse some like Facebook have become 'nations' within themselves.

Social Networking is all about people interacting with each other having a common topic, which sometimes has differences and sometimes mutually agreeing on certain view points.

Lets look at Google Wave. Google recently has sounded off the media world that it will withdraw the Wave, however, will retain the technology for further use. Where exactly will the Wave technology get utilized is to be seen as Google has not made an announcement to this effect as yet.

Contemplating if Google Wave could have been a good space for people to collaborate and interact as typically one would on other Social Media Network spaces. At first glance we would immediately tend to go towards the two ends of the spectrum as 'no it cannot be' and some others would say 'yes it could be'. Where do you stand? What is your opinion? Could Google Wave Be One Of The Many Social Media Networking Sites?

Lets take a little more closer look at various, already existing, Social Media sites. What do they offer? They offer friend connection, a voting system, photo upload, a post system, a space for conversation continuity, a status messaging, knowing who is friend of friend, an email notification comes in most cases of any messages etc., and so on, and ofcourse they are free sites.  Each site has these basic features and some specific features as add-ons to create a little distinction and a little difference.

Similarly Google Wave also has its own basics, like as shared above, in place. Add to this Google Wave has certain specific gadgets and plug-ins that create a difference and make it a different technology for usage. Then why did it not get onto to the mass appeal section? what is it that other sites did that perhaps Google Wave may not have yet done.
Google Wave is a wonderful mix of being partly social networking functionality and partly as being an unified communications factored into it. Wave combines instant messaging, blogging, document sharing, email, wikis, and multimedia content to provide a seamless communications platform.

If there is a good list of positive and plus points to it why did this attempt of Google not take off atleast as yet? The reasons could be quite a few. What do you think?
The reasons could be:

Marketing? Was marketing the reason?
While Facebook and Twitter are getting onto various methods like providing follow badges which can be put up on the sites and blogs Wave does not have this as yet. Though Wave provide a link that can be embedded onto blogs and sites.

Mobile? While the other Social Sites have given mobile facility like you can visit the pages from your cell phone Wave would be on the heavy side for cell phone accessibility. GMail itself can be easily accessed via the cell phone but Wave is still difficult. Both GMail and Wave are from same Google though.

GMail integration? Fortunately from the same Google came Buzz. Buzz though has not really a very different usage from regular chat and posts it has more number of loyal people using it. Is it because Buzz is well within reach in GMail and Wave is not found in GMail could this be a very big reason for Buzz growth and Wave not growing as much?

Usage? At first take many people would state that Wave as confusing. Yes one has to take an effort and go up the learning graph for one to be enabled and capable of using Google Wave to the fullest.

Behavior? Was Wave asking its users and new people who were to experience this to change a behavior pattern? Well maybe yes to some extent. Wave had to be studied and was requiring a dedicated time factor at the beginning from new people to latch onto it. You would not find the typical links, posts etc at the top where normally you would be used to on the other sites.

Invites? Wave was not open to entire public. Could this also be a reason?

Have you used Google Wave, how did you find it? Join in here and share your experience with the Google Wave that is unfortunately waving a goodbye to us now.