Monday, August 30, 2010

How To Add Static FBML To Your Facebook Page For Social Media

Just thought of sharing a little 'how to do the FBML on Facebook'.

First thing first, what is FBML? FBML is a subset of HTML. Full form of FBML is Facebook Markup Language.

Next questions 'who is to use it?' and 'so why am i to use it?' Allow me to answer the second question first, in this lies the answer to the first question as well. FBML enables you to create custom tabs on your Facebook Fan Pages. This application is available for Fan Pages on Facebook. You will not find this [as yet] on your Personal Facebook Pages nor will you find this on your Group Pages at Facebook.

How to create and use FBML section? Ready? Lets start...
  • First log-in to your Facebook Page.
  • Once logged in to your account you will notice on your left hand side 'edit page'. click this and get into the edit page part.  
  • Scroll down and you will find in the 'application' section the FBML . Click this.
  • Go to the static 'FBML application'. You will see that you have landed onto a Fan Page of Static FBML. There on left hand side you will notice 'add to my page'. Click this and thereby you have added the application to your Facebook Page.
  • Once you click this the list of all you Facebook Pages where you are the administrator will appear. Please click on the Page you want this application to be added to.
In this way the Static FBML is added onto your Facebook Fan page.

Now we need to set it up and configure this so that we can display what we want to.
  • Once again get into the 'edit page' on your Fan Page.
  • On this page scroll a little down you will find the application. Get into the 'application setting' please do not go to 'edit application'.
  • Once you have clicked the 'application setting' you need to mark the 'add' 'tab'. click 'ok'
  • Once you have done this get into the 'edit application' which is close to the 'application setting'.
  • Once in the 'edit application' you will find that there is a box.
This is the space where you can have a tab header / name and you can place your HTML Code onto this space. See to it that you do not go beyond 520 pixels in width. You can add more FBML Pages and Boxes by Clicking the 'Add another FBML Box'. You can have maximum 10 FBML Boxes. 

This is a growing subject. Add and share your experiences and tips and tricks here.