Friday, September 3, 2010

As A Social Media Network Professionals What You Do

Hello and how have you been.

Many a times we are asked as to what exactly do we as Social Media persons do. Do we create advertisements online? Do we blog generally? More evolved asks do we moderate the forums? Do we go to practically each space online and start to post messages that are sales driven? And for those who do never really go online we are doing something on the net - unexplained! Ah do you do all that scam!?

Well do join in here and add on to what a Social Media Network person does. Do share in your experiences.

Below what I have shared is just the tip of the ice burg. Each parameter shared below has lot of depth and requires experience and skill sets.
Unfortunately many a times the person may find it difficult to extract information from the concerned parties, but do try.

Marketing Objective:
The Social Media Person to start off understands the complete marketing scenario. It is necessary to understand what are the various communication messages that the consumer set is getting exposed to. Social Media is part of the overall marketing effort. Even if the companies may not look at it in that manner it does fall into achieving the marketing objective and is a vehicle which takes you towards the goals. Marketing objectives need to be clear to the personnel.

Understand Consumer Mind-Set [Lifestyle, Behavior, etc]:
It is imperative for the Social Media Person to understand what is the Consumer Mind-Set. Factors like who is the customer, what does he or she do, how do they behave and what kind of lifestyle do they live and aspire towards are the pillars that the Social Media Personnel would be constantly and consistently updating themselves with throughout their tenure and engagement with their clients.

Competitor Understanding:
While the Social Media Person should be provided with the names of competitors, it is this personnel who would be tracking the competitor activity with regards to their engagement on the Social Media Network online space. The personnel would be keeping track of what is taking place in the category.

Social Site Understanding:
It is crucial to be aware of what the various sites like Facebook Personal Page vis a vis the Facebook Fan Page should render itself towards. What is Twitter lending itself to and so on. What is LinkedIn bringing across. And so on.

It is the crucial understanding of the Consumer Mind-Set and the Social Media Site that tells us how should one interact with the Community Members / Fans / Followers. The reason being the mix of these two parameters tells us in what current mind-set the customer is making interaction with us.

Brand Personality:
Brand Personality is the core of directing the brand on how should it behave under various circumstances. To understand and breadth the brand personality by the Social Media Personnel is extremely crucial. The Customer sees the brand in various communication formats as a single personality during a campaign and in the long term as well - this is exactly the Customer should be seeing, interacting, and understanding the brand when they come across the Social Media Network personnel across various Social Media sites / blogs etc.

All the above parameters are not placed in order of importance. Let me state that that they all are important equally. There is much more when the Social Media Personnel actually starts to work.
Unfortunately many a times the person may find it difficult to extract information from the concerned parties, but do try.

Share in your views and experiences as well. Do join here.