Saturday, September 4, 2010

Earning From The Internet - A Social Media Ruin

Many a times we come across information on the net as: 'Make your pc an ATM Machine!' 'Mr.X earns four figures monthly!' 'Become a billionaire by not doing anything!'
'If X can become rich then you too can!' 'Have your dream cruise come true!' 'Just invest $194 and earn every month four figure without doing anything!'

Many people who read this fall into the trap. Many people seem to have fallen into this trap. You probably may know some person who will have [and maybe still awaiting] awaited the infamous four figure monies to land in their bank account.

You will find these people on the net. Unfortunately though you can report them to cyber crimes most of these eventually are not reachable as the very account and email they identify themselves with is fake. To the extent the proof of earning that they show is just a photo-shop [a software used for images] made job.

At the beginning they offer great help and service. Once you have paid suddenly they do not exist. You will find them in Social Sites, Forums, perhaps they even to come to your blog and post messages that lead to their amazing offer.

Just wanted to share - be careful. Many a times those who are at home and hope to earn from the internet are soft targets for this. Many a times working people who feel they have little extra time for extra income are soft targets for this.

Do join in here. A scam is a scam there are no two ways to this. In case you have witnessed this kind of experience do share in here.