Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Social Media Community Manager's Management

Monitoring Social Media can be overwhelming. From the outside it looks like a mayhem. Lots of people chatting, couple of praises, many silent monologues that could lead the Community Manager themselves into utter silence and the rest of the time stressing with negative feedback. Add to this some person posting an affiliate programme link and someone else venting out their frustration. Sounds familiar?

Have you faced these situations? What do you do?

You start your day with new zest, saying that, you will create a buzz. The much wanted buzz such that maybe the head of the organization gets to hear about the same from elsewhere [in a positive way].

All you need is to plan out your day. Have a schedule. Check each site and restrict this for thrice a day or maybe four times if you can manage. Over a period of time you will realize the below:
  • There are certain people who are good and interactive. They like to hear from your end. They are interested in what you mention, suggest and inform.
  • These interested people have a 'kind of' set way to checking and responding to what you share. They come on particular days of the week at a particular time period.
When you start to have a grasp of the above two points, you will find yourself managing the 'noise' on your page. This in no way means that you start to restrict yourself from checking your pages at other time intervals. This in no way means that you do not respond to others at the time of their interaction.

What this means is that you can plan your time and schedule your online Social Media management a little better. Having said this please keep an open mind for new people to start making you notice new activity schedules.

To manage Social Media it is important that you start to understand that you need to be flexible. Flexibility in terms of time, the response turnaround, the quality of content that you share and the quantity of time, energy and content.

Do share in your views on what philosophy and modus operandi you have - so that you manage your online Social Media effectively and efficiently.