Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facebook Notification For The Benefit Of Managing Your Social Media Community

These days with a lot of noise and clutter around various Social Media sites it is imperative that we have a better monitoring tool. Fortunately many famous / popular Social Media sites have given access to various third party tools. This monitoring enables us to work more efficiently and thereby effectively.

One such tool that enables you to receive notification on Facebook Fan Pages is the '
PageNotifier'. When you are administrator of Facebook Fan Pages you would need to be in touch with your community.You need to be able to respond to them in approximate real time.

How does PageNotifier work?
PageNotifier scans our Facebook Fan Pages regularly. The Notifier scans for new comments on status updates, videos, photos, and albums. If atall there are any new posts / comments etc the notifier captures this and sends us an email along with the link to the comment / post etc. So you can directly go to that particular space and respond in an appropriate way. Add to this it emails to you any comments on the photos as well.

What comes to you is an email:
You receive an email notification with mention of who commented, what they said, what post they commented on, and a link to the post for easy reply.

PageNotifier is developed by Brandon Zundel. What I have noticed is that he personally replies to any information that you may want with regards the application.

Do join in here. Share in which other such notification you rely on.