Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How To Keep Yourself Up-To Date On Social Media

While working as a Social Media professional we know that it is essential to 'listen'. Apart from listening to our community members, it is essential to listen to other professionals who are on-board as well within the Social Media space. It is from each other's experience and expertise that we can keep ourselves up-to date on what is taking place in the online space and how the future is getting shaped.

While you do have the option of searching individual professionals and then connecting with them, there is a much easier and a more methodical way. If I tell you there is one site that will enable you to receive information from the blogs of the various professionals what would you say to this? Check out Share your experience with us here on what you think of this amazing space.

'Social Media Informer' site is a syndication of information. As the name suggests it is your space for Social Media information. Single space which you can say is in reality an 'online Social Media knowledge hub':
  • A space where you find best of online experts contributing their real working expertise.
  • You will find a plethora of 'how to articles' - to take you through steps that experts are using to get into higher engagement space with your customer sets so that you work your way into retention strategy and viral for acquisition purpose.
  • Check out the vast archive that is since over 5yrs and is growing - almost the time when Social Media took off.
  • This site is great for ready information, reference and usage for the wide spectrum of newbies to professionals.
It does not matter who you are - you want to be online you got to be subscribed here.

Do check it out and share your views here. It will be great to know what is your advice for this site.