Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Social Media Is Best Played By Your Nearby Provisional Store?

Social Media is about engagement and relevant conversations. It is about building a positive rapport and thereby good relationships. It gets into good CRM and one to one direct marketing space.

Lets consider our neighborhood provisional store. Do you think they have been building relationships long back?

We would have at some time or the other visited the provisional store near us, this could be from residence or office. These days you can call via telephone and they deliver your requirement at your door-step.

There are a couple of things that our neighborhood provisional stores do that perhaps we should learn form. This is worth looking at form Social Media aspect as well as from CRM direct marketing aspect:

  • They recognize you: If you are a little regular purchaser they soon start to recognize you and try to connect with you.
  • Remind you of previous purchase: In case you are ordering something and draw a blank [forget what is to be ordered]  they help you to remember this.
  • Cash turns to credit: They do not mind giving you your order on credit basis. They infact assure you that you will pay so nothing to worry.
  • Delivery at doorstep: They have no problem in sending your ordered items to your doorstep.
  • Going out of their way to get for you: Incase from the items that you have ordered there is something that they may not have at that time, they will get it for your by evening, they make you not look for that item elsewhere.
  • When you pass by they acknowledge you: Have passed by your regular provisional stores? Do they acknowledge you? They give you a recognition that you are an old trusted customer.
  • Warmth: When you enter the store there is immediate connection. You find the environment and people familiar.  
  • Senior Citizen pass time: You may notice that sometimes Senior Citizens do spend time a lot at the counter generally chatting. 
  • Change is always at hand: Incase you require change [currency] they have no problem in going all the way to get it for you.
  • Credit card dysfunction does not create embarrassment: If at all your credit card is not able to be read at the reader [swiping machine] there is no embarrassment, they know your intentions are good. 
Would you add anything else to this list?

Well if you are in Social Media within the online space do you re-act and relate to your set of community and customers in a similar method?  Do you think there is a learning from your neighborhood provisional store? What is your opinion? Share your views here!