Friday, October 1, 2010

URL Shortening From Google To Manage Your Social Media

Google has just released a dedicated site for URL shortening. Your long URL can now be shortened. You can find this at: Here you can not only shorten your URL but also track the click through as well. This promotes it right into being a competitor to

Since it is from Google you need not worry about malicious software that subsequently masks your shortened url and put forth its own link. Being Google you can be sure the tracking device is in place.

So? have you tried this? What is your experience? Share in your views here.

In Social Media You Invest Today For Rich Dividends Later

Social Media is like an investment. What you do today leaves footprints on the internet that enables you to draw positive fruits later on. Ofcourse if you do not use it wisely then you could suffer as well. Social Media requires focus, planning, adherence to plan, continuity, consistency and freshness.

If any of these criteria are missing then you may lose out with your target audience. Many a times you may get the feeling that no one is responding to you, but do not give up here. You need to understand that as time passes the search engines will start to index your page and then you can hope for traffic towards your page. To enable this you need to be consistent with fresh matter.

Search engines take time - around 3 mths to start to show your pages on search sites. Thus the earlier you start the better. Social Media enables you to achieve personal and professional objectives. The on-page SEO will enables you to reap benefits.

Many a times you may wonder if Social Media is really for you and your business. Social Media cannot be constraining factor. There is a simple way to understand if Social Media is meant for you and your business. There are various tools that you could employ to enable you to practice Social Media.

Social Media would be new in terms of technology; however it is a principle that is used since over decades. If you would like to keep yourself upto date with Social Media you can connect with This is a good resource to understand how Social Media can be worked upon. The other source is Both of these share what real experts have to say giving you an actual working experience based knowledge.

While working on Social Media you also need to have an open mind and be able to attend to negative comments.

So are you all set and ready to manage your Social Media? Share your views here.