Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spam Is Not Social Media Ethics

To spam is not ethical. What else is not ethical within the online social media space? Lets have a quick understanding of what takes place within the online space and then understand what perhaps would be good ethics for you as a Social Media person to flourish.
  • Spam: As a Social Media personnel you have a task to work on. For instance to make more people aware about your page / blog / site making it more available, accessible and so on. Well we would be tempted to go about copy pasting a message onto as many blogs, forum etc. However as Social Media person we understand that will only lead us to negative publicity and infact people will not do business with us. Still we see people are simply giving out messages that are not relevant to the ongoing conversations. This irates people who are active and interested in the ongoing conversation.
  • Negative comments: Well there is always a way of putting a point across in positive and healthy manner. However we will find people throwing their angst across. Ofcourse if someone has invested in a particular product / service and they find that they are not met with proper treatment then they are bound to flare up. What should we do as Social Media people. Naturally not retaliate. Neither do we need to be have a page full of apologies flowing. There are lot of sophisticated way in which we could deal with them. We need not retaliate in the similar tone.
  • Reply: When people post a comment, address you / or your page, blog, site lets try to reply and reply as soon as feasible. And lets reply appropriately - in a relevant manner. If possible try to have a dialogue. Here is your chance to reciprocate and take a small step towards your objective.
  • Timely reply: The previous point covered the fact that replying is critical. Let me emphasis that timely reply is critical. This does not mean that we sit 24/7 in front of our page on the world wide web. What this means is have a plan. Have a definite schedule of running through your various pages. There are many online tools to enable you to know what comment you have got pending.
  • Drive towards the main topic: Many a times the conversations and dialogues can go beyond the purpose of the page you are administrating. This could be as number of persons are communicating and they could start to chat about common topics that they may have found out as common interest. This is a tricky situation. While having emotional connect is great however we need to draw the line. You need to be politely taking the conversation right back to where you want. Since the people are willing to communicate lets not truncate the messages. Lets instead have the steam flowing towards in the right direction.
  • Revert: In case you have informed that you will get back with certain information then lets make it a point to revert. And yes, revert as soon a possible before we loose the person's tempo.
What are the other good manners that we can add onto this. Do share in here.